That’s a Wrap

There is something about a sandwich or a wrap that never gets old.  And I think I know why…

Because of the endless possibilities there are to change-up the combos.  You can change one or two ingredients in a sammie and you have a whole new flavor.  Keeps things interesting. 😉

Tonight it was a wrap night in our household.  Mike and I couldn’t agree on a dinner idea, so what better way to have the ‘same’ thing, but yet so different.

We had an avocado that was either going to be used tonight or tossed.  So of course, I used it and based all the additional add ons around avocado.


What else did I throw into my wrap?

We’ve got…

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Black beans
  • Mexican cheese
  • Sour cream



I pressed it all together on my panini press to get it all ooey and gooey.


There has to be dipping sauce of course.  Arizona Heat mustard and mayo mixed together to create a sauce with some serious kick. :mrgreen:

A not appetizing photo though…


On the side, a salad with sea salt and pepper croutons and poppy seed dressing.


Dessert is TBD.  No worries, dessert is always had though!

Tonight I am going to be doing a little more work on my new site.  I am getting SO excited.  Hopefully not too much longer until I can reveal it to y’all.  Eeekk!

What is your favorite TV show of all times?  Why? Mine is Friends and Will and Grace.  I love how the story line develops each character so you really feel like you know them.  Even better, they can always cheer me up.



9 responses to “That’s a Wrap

  1. totally agree with you! you can never go wrong with sandwiches, wraps, or paninis because there are just soo many yummy options to always switch it up!

  2. I love making his and hers versions of dinner! Great wrap and salad. mmm. Can’t wait to see the new site. Favorite show of all time?? Oh gosh…s&tc or friends

  3. Yummy! Love impromptu dinner ideas and these wraps look deelish – esp warmed up and melty! yummm 🙂

  4. my favorite show of all time is probably the oc, desperate housewives, or FRIENDS! 🙂
    wrap looks yummmmy. esp the avocado!


  5. Greeeys 🙂

    We used to have Roly Poly here in Minneapolis but now the only one left is in EP. They have suppper good wraps though, and gave me great ideas of what to make at home! You should check out their menu

  6. Loving the wrap…also a great compromise for dinner. New site? Can’t wait!

  7. hmmm…fave tv show – that’s a hard one! i really love “lost” and “mad men” but the ones i can watch over and over again are things from my childhood – “cosby show” and “growing pains.”

  8. Sandwiches and wraps are definitely amazing! I always like trying new ones at restaurants and making different varieties. That wrap looks awesome!

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