Rusted Engine

I’m totally not feeling all that with it today, a little bit like a rusty engine that isn’t wanting to turn on.

I woke up in the middle of the night sweating and feeling a little cruddy. I am crossing my fingers whatever it is just works its way through my system. I am feeling slightly better already having gotten up and moving around. Positive thoughts!

Needless to say, my appetite is present, just not 100%. So I packed the components for a yogurt mess to make at work.

First up, the star of the show. Pomegrante Yumberry yogurt. It looked intriguing at the store. Has anybody ever tried/seen this flavor before?


The cereal component is one of my long lost loves. Go Lean Crunch. I always forget about this gem. It has the best crunch and fabulous staying power for me.


And an overripe banana. Nasty to many, delicious to me. And makes the perfect, easy mix in.


Soothes the soul, those yogurt messes. 🙂

For lunch I packed a hearty, comfort food meal. Leftover Shepard’s Pie and mini salad with spinach, snap peas and TJ’s three layer hummus.


I love hummus as a ‘dressing’. Especially this TJ’s flavor with the zesty cilantro layer.



Here’s to another work day, my friends.

My company gets tomorrow off, but I am working and catching up. I then in turn will get another vacation day. I am estatic because here is my vacation lineup:

  • Next Friday off, my brother will be in town
  • Thanksgiving day and the day after
  • The whole week before Christmas
  • New Years Eve

And that still leaves me with three days to burn.  Whoohoo!

Do you like overripe bananas?  Or do you like yours more green?  I have found people are VERY particular about their bananas.  Mine need to be overripe.

Don’t forget to enter your recipes into this weeks Blogger Secret Ingredient Contest!  The ingredient is ricotta cheese.


9 responses to “Rusted Engine

  1. I love overripe bananas too! you are not alone

  2. Green-ish bananas for me 😉

  3. Hope you feel better girl! I like my bananas just in the middle, not too underripe and not too overripe 🙂

  4. i’m not particular but i like the green ones!! & that yogurt looks good 🙂


  5. Blech, my banana can’t have the slightest black/brown to it. Never!!!

  6. i love riped banans!

  7. I LOVE ripe bananas. My husband hates them. He eats them green!

  8. Hope your not sick!! I am thinking positive thoughts right now!

  9. I… don’t like bananas. “What?!? ALL runners like bananas!” Yeah, tell that one to my coach. I don’t even like artificial banana flavor!

    Hope you started to feel better as the day went on! I totally thought of you today when I was biking through downtown on my way home from PT. 🙂

    I haven’t tried that kind of yogurt.. or even seen it. You know the YoCruch brand? Have you ever tried the 100 calorie versions? There is a grahm cracker/cheesecake flavor and I’mmm tempted!

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