Guest Post: Mike’s Beef Stew

Hi everyone! Mike here, and I hope everyone had a wonderful day. My day was both good and bad. I woke up this morning feeling a bit under the weather so I took a sick day today. While feeling ill is unfortunate, I strongly believe that a full day of rest is often times just what the doctor ordered in order to regain your motivation and health. It worked and I am looking forward to hitting the grind hard tomorrow and getting some things done.

Since I was at home all day, and since Jenna and I had purchased rough ingredients for it during one of our recent trips to the grocery store, I figured today would be the perfect day for slow cooked beef stew. So, when I got out of bed at about 8:15, I got to work right away so I could rest up and get better. If any readers haven’t used a slow cooker (honestly my first time using it for something other than an appetizer or dip), those things are awesome! Super easy to use and the outcome was delicious. Here is all it took to serve 2 (many recipes out there call for a family of 4-5):

1 lb. of Beef Stew Meat (usually comes pre-cut in the meat section – both inexpensive and convenient)

2 Carrots – chopped (obviously)

1 and a half of a Jumbo Russet baking potato – peeled and cubed

2 Celery stalks – chopped

about a handful of frozen pearl onions

1 cup of water

Half packet of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning

3 Jalapeno Rings – chopped (Optional, Jenna and I add Jalapenos to just about everything if you had not noticed!)

Additional Spices as desired. For this guy I added in: Garlic Salt, Black pepper,  a little over a teaspoon of both Roasted Garlic Worcestershire Sauce and Franks Red Hot for a kick.

All you need to do is toss all the veggies and meat into the slow cooker, mix the seasoning in a separate bowl with the cup of water, toss onto the goods, stir, add your extras, stir some more and cook on low in the slow cooker for about 7 hours. It was ready by the time Jenna got home.

Here are the photos, served with a side of sourdough baked in the oven:




Overall pretty outstanding meal if you ask me. Perfect for a cool, fall evening. Definitely will be using the slow cooker much more often.

Dessert is more of Jenna’s to-die-for apple crisp a la mode (aren’t I lucky to get all of these treats all the time?? I mean, come on!):


Thanks for reading. To go along with Jenna’s question theme: What is your favorite slow-cooker meal? Any good suggestions for something else to try?

Looking forward to posting again soon!



4 responses to “Guest Post: Mike’s Beef Stew

  1. Great guest post Mike! Your dinner creation sounds & looks absolutely deelish 🙂 I love the slow cooker as well, I have just recently discovered the greatness of this kitchen necessity and am lovin’ it…. so sweet of you to make din for Jenna since you were home too (and glad you are feeling better!)… you need to be friends with my boyfriend and teach him a thing or 2 😉

  2. ahhhh mike…this is awesome! i love seeing and hearing from bloggy relatives and the stew looks mighty fine!

  3. love the guest post mike! dinner looks delish. i actually don’t own a slow cooker but wish i did! and you are a very lucky guy to get to enjoy that pie ala mode! yumm

  4. delicious looking desserttt


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