Pre-run hello

Happy Sunday morning.

I am headed out the door here as soon as I finish this post to go on a run.  I always need to fuel up a bit before a run, so I have my combo that never fails me.  Half of an Arnold’s Thin with almond butter and banana.

I gives me the carbs, the protein and fat and the sugars to fuel me through.



I also always bring along some sort of candy or dried fruit to dig into later in my run if I feel a little low on sugar.   I need to stop at my neighborhood convenience store before I head out to get some Dots or Skittles.  😉

I am outta here!  Do you have any routines/go to foods that you have before a workout and/or during a workout?


3 responses to “Pre-run hello

  1. i like to have a bar with high protein after i workout but if i eat anything before it’s usually like a handful of cereal or something light.


  2. after practice = EGGS!

    p.s. I MOVED!

  3. toast with some PB before a workout always does the trick for me 🙂

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