Up and at em

I’m ready to rock and roll this morning. I got a whopping 10 hours of sleep last night. How sweet is that?

I wanted to thank all of my awesome readers for the great discussion on my question from yesterday. I love bringing up news stories and articles to share with you all and have a discussion around it.  I think I’ll do it more often.  Thoughts?

I think we all agree that it is a double-edged sword, with the pros not outweighing the cons, and vice versa, very much. It is a subject matter that I will definitely be continuing to check into because I find it very interesting and very controversial.

Sarah pointed out a major positive that I wasn’t aware of though.  I think we are all aware of the book/blog ‘Eat This, Not That’.  Apparently, most restaurants have pulled the ‘not that’ dishes from their menu’s. I think we can all agree that this is a positive action taken.  Some of those dishes are NASTY.  Not just the fat and calories, but the sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, the additives, etc.   So, thank you Sarah, for sharing that info with us!

If you haven’t had a chance to comment on the issue, please do.  I think we all would love to see more peoples opinions!

But let’s back up to last night quick…

Now, I don’t have any photographs, but I had a wonderful time at happy our with my buddies Jonathan, Brian and Angela. I enjoyed a few beers, but then my tiredness was really, really catching up with me. So home I went, absolutely starving.

Exhibit A of why I never let myself get too hungry- I eat everything in sight. Well, just a lot. 🙂

I had a bagel and cream cheese, some pita chips and hummus, some Dove chocolates, a white chocolate covered Oreo w/ pb smeared on top (I really wanted a few more, but everything in moderation, right?) and a banana. Yes folks, this is what happens to you when you haven’t eaten in about 6 hours. Well, at least for me!

And I admit, I also had some Cheetos when Mike got home, lol. Hey, I had to catch up on my calorie intake, I had a long run yesterday. 😉

But that was yesterday, and today is today.  Which is a new day with healthier eating habits.

As you know, I am off to the Gopher game with some box tickets that I got from my company.  No idea how I landed these, but hey, I’ll take them!

I’m not very hungry this morning.  I find that the mornings after I have even just two drinks, my body just isn’t craving food.  Does this happen to anybody else? This mornings probably has something to do with my back loading of calories last night too, but even when I don’t do that, this happens.  Very odd.

But since I am leaving here in a bit, I knew I needed to eat.  And I don’t want to rely on stadium food, although I may have to share something with Mike….

I made myself a PB + J on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin.






Love pb  + j, never lets me down.  And yes, the above photo was my attempt at an artistic photo this morning.  I totally failed, lol.  I think I am still half asleep.

Well we are off.  After the game we’ll be hittin’ up the grocery store, my favorite thing ever.

Also, Julie over at Savvy Eats has given me the spark once again to try to figure out my own domain.  My goal is to really try to have it figured out soon.  *Crossing my fingers*  Thanks for the kick in the booty Julie, I needed it!

Okay, peace out.  What are you doing today?

6 responses to “Up and at em

  1. Haha the first thing I saw when I clicked “Leave a Comment” was “Top ten reasons why I dislike breastfeeding” under possibly related posts.. guess I haven’t read that one?!

    I’m with you on the calorie overload yesterday – I had the tri team over for movie night, which really means eating/drinking a lot with Mean Girls on in the background. Don’t really wanna think about the days-worth of calories I probably ate in cheddar popcorn, but I’m over it. New day!

    Cheer for my Gophie’s for me, would ya? Have fun!

  2. Hmmm.. just a heads up – your “possibly related posts” thing takes you to posts that are definitely not even on your blog. That breast feeding one was on like blogs.babymom.com or something. ? Maybe it was the wrong plugin?

  3. Let me know if you have questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

  4. Hey girl! Have a great day at the game and grocery shopping 🙂 You crack me up with your dinner, I am so the same way though – I feel like a ravenous beast if I got more than 5 hours without food haha. Yay for saturdayssss!!!

  5. yeah i do the same thing hwen i get too hungry! i have a pretty chill saturday planned


  6. PB&J never fails 🙂

    have a great afternoon at the grocery store — hope you get some good thing!

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