Burger of the month

Tonight I made Rachael Ray’s burger of the month, Lasagna Burgers!

From the moment Mike spotted this recipe in the magazine I have at home, he has been begging for me to make them.

They were super simple to make, but just require some ingredients you may not always have on hand.  Such as nutmeg, ricotta, basil, italian crushed tomatoes, and ground beef, pork and veal mix (I just used plain old hamburger, lower fat content).

I also omitted a few tablespoonful’s of EVOO that was in the recipe. Although I think that for instances like sauteing onions and garlic olive oil is great, I don’t necessarily think I need to drizzle oil on top of my burgers and fry them in oil.  So instead, I omitted drizzling oil and fried the burgers in PAM.  Worked just fine in my book ;).

The final product was phenomenal.  No ketchup required, and that means a lot!


The cheesy sauce topping was so good, I may or may not have eaten some by the spoonfuls.  But we can forget that happened, right?

All stacked up.


So, so good.  However, next time I make these I will make sure I use a regular hamburger bun.

I was trying to get away from the big carby bun by using an Arnold’s Thin, I think at times big buns can take away from a burger.  However, this recipe is so powerful and intense, you really need a big ol’ bun to keep it all together.

I highly recommend this recipe for those looking for a different take on a burger.  And definitely do not skimp on the cheesy cream sauce, it is what makes this whole sammie.

On the side, a salad and a few TJ’s garlic fries. Which, didn’t have the slightest hint of garlic to them.  Still good though.  Nice, crispy outside, soft inside.  Just how I like em.  (Very good dipped in the burger sauces as well, muahaha.)


Not too sure what dessert will be.  I already had a mini Reese’s, but let’s be serious.  That isn’t dessert in my book.  I can foresee a small bowl of cereal or a pb toast.

I’m out of here.  Time to call my mom and get a Petrie update! :mrgreen:  I miss her so much.  Three weeks and two days until I get to see my little puppy!

Also, don’t forget to enter to win the Progresso giveaway I have going on.  24 hours and counting!


What is the best burger you have ever had?  What were the ingredients?


6 responses to “Burger of the month

  1. just came across your blog &think its real cute
    that burger looks deliciousss


  2. Oooo Rachel has done it again, these look great! Good call on the EVOO, sometimes Rach can go a bit overboard and I agree it’s def not necessary.

    The latest burgers I made and loved were a spin on IowaGirl’s sweet soy glazed turkey recipe and they were phenomenal – loved all the unexpected flavors! This reminds me, I really need to make these again soon….

    Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken Burgers

    1/2 package ground chicken
    3 tsp soy sauce
    2 tsp brown sugar
    1/8 tsp cinnamon
    black pepper
    1/8 cup bread crumbs

    Mix all ingredients, form into patty and cook however you prefer 🙂


  3. Rachael Ray knows whats up! her recipes are the best!!!!! that burger looks amazing


  4. woa – if looks could kill…!

    the best burger I ever remember having as a meat eater was from Annie’s Parlor over in Dinkytown. The best veggie burger I’ve ever had was actually a homemade one! (worst = good earth. I can’t do cashews in a burger.. love the rest of their food though!)

  5. That looks amazing!

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