This n’ that

Good morning!  This post has a little bit of this and little bit of that.  Half food, half fun.

This morning Jillian and I had a one-on-one workout on level two of the shred.  She kicks my booty every single time.  Nothing too exciting/different on that front, so moving on.

I’m going to give everybody one last day to send any questions they have for Niki!  Remember, you can pretty much ask anything food, cooking/baking/methods, ingredient related, culinary school, professional/career wise, etc.   You name it, send it over!

By now, I don’t think I even have to tell you what breakfast is.  You all know by now that it is scone Friday!  Or, for new readers, you will soon come to find that every Friday I treat myself to a scone.  A local restaurant in the skyway named Allie’s has the best scones I have ever tried.

Last weeks was a cinnamon chip.  My camera ate my photo from last week, but luckily I’ve had that flavor before and can use a replacement. 🙂



For lunch today I will be going to Potbelly’s with a friend.  We both agreed we wanted something quick and cheap.  I have been spending money lately like I am some high roller.  I seriously need to tone it down a bit.  😦

I can almost guarantee that I will be getting a turkey sammie on wheat and a diet coke.

They conveniently have a photo of a turkey sandwich on their website.  However, I won’t be getting the cookie shown. I have some candy stashes a few cubes away that I will raid instead.

turkey_sandwichAfter reading Caitlin’s blog yesterday and finding out that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, I thought I would give an ode to my little Petrie, following Caitlin’s fun facts on James and Maggie.  Now, I haven’t had Petrie very long.  And due to the heartbreak that we went through we haven’t seen her for a while.  But I still know the fun things about her!


  • Petrie is a mix between a pug and a terrier.  Her breed is called a Puggat.  However, she is way more pug that terrier.   Petrie is currently 8.5 pounds and the vet thinks she will only get to be about 12 pounds.  YES!  She is going to stay little. :mrgreen:
  • Petrie was given up from a family who was moving.  What makes me angry is the fact that they could have only had her about 4-6 weeks before they moved (due to her age when we got her).   Wouldn’t you think you would have known you were moving?  I am thinking they just couldn’t handle the puppy.
  • If we would have shown up 5 minutes later to the shelter we wouldn’t have gotten Petrie.  There were two other families that came in right after us wanting to adopt her.
  • She thinks she is a human and stands like one as well.  Hence…


  • She is fearless.  She plays with the biggest dogs and will hang on them like she is the queen of the world.  My mom has said that Petrie already thinks she owns my mom’s house and her neighborhood.  What a spoiled dog!
  • Petrie is a lover.  She always wants to be in your lap.  When she falls asleep in your lap she snores- otherwise she won’t snore when she sleep.
  • When Petrie walks around, she sounds like a video game character.  It’s hard to describe, but she makes this little gremlin noise.  Very hilarious.
  • In 9 months we will be REUNITED!!!!! According to the chart at the vet, Petrie will be in her ‘teenage’ years.  Great, she is going to think she is all that even more.  😉

Have you ever adopted from a shelter?  If so, share a fun fact or two about your fabulous animal.  If not, would you ever consider it?


6 responses to “This n’ that

  1. This video (scroll down) explains all about my little “shelter pup,” as I call her:

  2. Lucy is from the SPCA 🙂 Here’s some fun facts:

    1) when I was looking to get a dog I wanted something small (I grew up with a toy poodle) however I went to the SPCA one afternoon and this 40lb (now 48lb!) bundle of love stole my heart 🙂
    2) Lucy was actually adopted by a family 3 days before I got her, but they brought her back due to the parents not being in total agreement on actually getting a dog — fate? I think so, we’re 2 peas in a pod 🙂

    Happy friday!!!!

  3. i’m melting over your beautiful little puppy! so adorable!

  4. I want to adopt a puppy so bad! I just want to wait until I have the money/space/stability. I can’t wait!

    Petrie is so cute, but you know that 🙂

  5. I have adopted from a shelter.. but unfortunately it’s pretty much a sob story. And I think I already told you about it, so no need to spread the sadness… =/

    I saw the cutest thing at the store last night though that actually made me think of you and Petrie! I might just have to go back and pick it up for whenever we finally get this MNbloggieGetTogether going!

  6. I can not get over how precious Petrie is! she will be such a diva 😉

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