Change of eats

My eats for today got thrown off from the moment I left the house. I forgot my lunch!

I don’t know what my deal is lately, but I seem to always be forgetting my lunch. 😦

However, I was saved by the Timberwolves this morning. Today is their season opener and I forgot that they always have a free breakfast for everybody and anybody the morning of. On the menu? Donuts and coffee of course!

Initially I wasn’t going to run this morning. But after eyeing up the donuts, I knew I needed a little extra sweat session due to the size of these glorious pastries. I ran intervals consisting of 6 miles in 56 minutes. Done and done.

I literally got ready in a record time because I wanted to make sure I got a donut. No worries, I did ;). I got a very large blueberry glazed old fashioned donut (I think?) with a blueberry icing drizzle. OMG. This is worth every calorie.

Think this, but blueberry and with purple drizzle:


I am sure I will be hungry mid-morning so I will probably grab an apple to snack on.

Since I forgot my lunch, I am going to push my ‘breakfast’ I brought over to be my lunch. I’ve spent way too much money lately, so a waffle sammie is going to have to do.

We start with some Blueberry Go Lean waffles. We’ll have to see how these stack up to the strawberry flavor.


The guts of the sammie will include a very thick layer of Barney Butter, of course.


I will also be slicing up a banana to add to the guts of my sandwich.

These three ingredients are totally going to make one damn good lunch. Sorry for the way dark picture, yikes.


I am thinking a yogurt may be necessary. So I probably will be visiting the convenience store downstairs in my building later.

Do you eat your breakfast at home or at work/school? I eat mine at work. I usually am at the gym early in the am, so I have no other choice. But even on the days where I don’t workout in the morning I bring it in. It takes me awhile to get hungry in the morning.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

8 responses to “Change of eats

  1. I eat breakfast at home, right after I shower in the a.m. — I think I got my dad’s metabolism and my tummy is usually growling right when I wake up haha. I then have a snack when I get into work about 2 hours later…. empty pit over here! I need to get some barney butter, I’ve only had it once (sample pack) and loved it 🙂

  2. Day’s that i have school all day which is tuesday and thursday, i pack both breakfast and lunch to go and eat at school. i rather eat at home, but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

  3. OMG! Those homestyle doughnuts are one of my absolute favorite things on earth!! Go Timberwolves!

    I eat my breafast at home 🙂

  4. I’m with you – it takes a while for my appetite to kick in, especially because I eat really late at night. I eat breakfast during my first class 😉

    Hahha I feel like donuts are the poster child for unhealthy eating (Homer Simpson anyone?) but I looove a good old fashioned cake donut. So good!! And like you said – practice some moderation and you’re all good!

  5. when I have school I eat a quick “breakfast appetizer” before I leave then I have a PB&naner sandwich on the way 🙂 keeps me full for longer!

  6. Wait.. is your job Timberwolves related? or do you just work in an office where they’re big stuff?

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