638 emails that is. They were all waiting for me in my inbox at work this morning.

Now, luckily around 400 of them were test creative emails. However, the remaining 238 were not. Hence why I wasn’t able to blog this morning. And the only reason I am sneaking in a blog session at this point in time is for my sanity.

Now when am I going back to culinary school? Or to become a RD?
Goll I wish I could be doing that right now!

At this moment, I am asking myself… Where did my vacation go? The fun times like these below flew by. I miss my broha (my brother), lol.


Anyway… this morning I stumbled out of bed and packed a new bagel that I bought this weekend at a grocery store in LA.

I have had these Western Bagels before when I have been out in CA and they were on a must find list before I returned to MN.


I got a few bundles of their bagels. The flavor I had this morning was the Cinnamon Raisin ‘Alternative Bagel’.

These bagels are a smaller version of a typical ‘American’ bagel that is the size of your head. These would be comparable to 100 calorie bagles. However, these are slightly bigger and have a stellar nutritional label, hands down, compared to the main stream 100 calorie bagels. These alternative bagels are packed with a great source of protein and 7 grams of fiber. Double score in my book.

The bagel this morning was a bit smaller than I remembered. Next time, I will definitely bring two for a breakfast. But one with some cheese, peanut butter, jam, hummus, honey, guac, you name it, would be a great snack!

The taste is definitely a ‘healthy’ taste. But for me, this is a taste that I have come to prefer. I was a little sad about the fact that I couldn’t really taste too much cinnamon. Next time I may even sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar on top of this bagel. That’d bring out the cinnamon flavor, right? Haha.

Check out all of their grocery offerings. Peanut butter bagels!?!?

I already have a wish list of their bagels that I would like to try:

-Pumpkin Spice
-Very Berry
-Maple Cinnamon

What else would I top my California bagel with than California Barney Butter!?!?

GAHHH, look what I found at the Laguna Whole Foods! I squealed with excitment seeing these guys in the store. I think Mike thought I was a bit looney. :mrgreen:


Yep, my bagel definitely got an extra thick slathering of the smooth Barney Butter this morning. I think I about died and went to heaven. I could live off of Barney Butter people. If you haven’t tried this stuff, visit their website and order some. It is worth the ‘investment’.

**For all of the MN bloggers/readers… I will be contacting a few local grocers to try to get them to carry Barney Butter. I will let you know which ones will start carrying it if I am successful!

Okay, I am off to heat up my unphotographed bean, hummus, carrot, spinach and cheddar cheese wrap. The wrap is jalepeno cheddar- oh so good!

I am also buying a bag of chips. Not sure what kind, but I need them. Don’t judge, remember the amount of emails I have? 😉

Off to work, work, work! After work I will be headed home to try to tame my apartment, which looks like a tornado went through it. Oh, and also a Cali recap :).

We are also in desperate need of food… tonights dinner will be interesting because I highly doubt I will feel up to venturing out and about tonight. We shall see.

How is your Monday going? If you are away from work/school for a few days, does your inbox become your worst enemy?


7 responses to “638

  1. great flavors, I adore anything mago. that would be cool to try. You must tell me how it tastes.

  2. Your job sounds like mine haha, a few days away without email access and it’s a train wreck when I get back. Can’t wait to see some more recap of Cali 🙂 Welcome back!

  3. i’ve heard of these bagels before, but don’t know where to get them other then ordering online!


  4. Yes, keep us posted on the Barney Butter – I have yet to try it!
    So jealous that you were in Cali!!!!

  5. oh your poor poor inbox! best of luck getting through it hun 😦

    mmmm barney butter is incredible! I haven’t had it in so long — I definitely need to talk to my grocers about getting some of that action in CT!

    p.s. did you say peanut butter bagels?! I just fainted a few times.. oh dear me!

  6. Those bagels sound great! Good luck with all those emails!

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