Eatz, West Hollywood

Hello, my fellow bloggies.

I just wanted to check in before we head out to our cooking class tonight. We are headed to Eatz up in West Hollywood.

How adorable it this place?


From the Eatz website:

EATZ offers extremely personal cooking classes in a fun dinner party environment. Our small class size enables us to teach in a totally hands-on fashion — which means you get to cook (and eat!) each and every item.

And, to prove to us all, it is never too late for a career change.  The owner’s bio… (also, courtesy of the Eatz website)


After practicing law for a few years, Niki decided to follow her passion for cooking and went to culinary school. She received her culinary training at Kitchen Academy in West Hollywood (now called California School of Culinary Arts Hollywood), and loved every minute of it! She’s had a major love for cooking since she was a kid, and remembers cooking crepes for her family and reading cookbooks as a child. She loves to cook, entertain, and teach…and her mission was to combine all three with the opening of her business. She started EATZ with the goal of giving each student a truly 
hands-on cooking experience. Not only does she want everyone to cook as much as possible during class, she also wants to bring the joy of cooking to the classroom by encouraging her students to experiment and have fun with the cooking process. Come meet her at EATZ and awaken your inner chef!


How freakin cool does Niki seem?  I can’t wait to meet her . What an inspiration to us all!  And especially since she went TO cooking :).

Tonight, we are attending An Italian Affair with Mike, my brother and his friends.

Here is the menu we will be cooking up:

Join us for a fun night of cooking and feasting, Italian style! These dishes are not only classic and timeless, they’re absolutely delicious.  Buon appetito! 

– Rosemary Focaccia Bread from Scratch (drool!)
– Mussels in a Saffron and White Wine Broth 
– Stuffed Artichokes with Sweet Soppressata and Provolone
– Wild Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto 
– Strawberries and Cointreau Tiramisu
– Wine: Sangiovese (heck yes!)

I will do a full recap of our experience at Eatz, most likely Monday night when we are back in the tundra.  

After our class, we are headed out in West Hollywood.  SO EXCITED!!! :mrgreen:

Peace and love.

Have you ever been to a cooking class before?  I have been to the Cooks of Crocus Hill back in Minneapolis.  We went to a ‘simple sauces’ class that we quite delicious.  However, it wasn’t a hands on class which kind of stunk.  


10 responses to “Eatz, West Hollywood

  1. ummm are you kidding, this looks amazing girl! what a fantastic way to spend the evening – i can’t WAIT for recaps 🙂

  2. I would love to go to a cooking class!! lord knows this chick can use some culinary tips outside of oat bran and breakfast cookies.

  3. Eatz looks like so much fun! Love the outdoor eating area 🙂

    Never been to a cooking class but it would be so much fun!

  4. i would adore to go to a cooking class! sounds like so much fun!

  5. i just read your trip out to LA and ugh, that sounds like the most frustrating thing EVER! i am soooo glad you made it and went to a fabulous cooking class. that looks like soooo much fun!

  6. I’ve actually been considering cooking school for a while now! Great story. Hope you had fun!

    • foodieinthecity

      Me too! I am working on trying to get a Q&A session with somebody who went to cooking school to be able to post!

  7. Jealous! This looks awesome!

    Its never too late for a career change. Just like the chef in your post used to be a lawyer, so did my Pilates instructor!! 🙂

  8. Eatz looks fantastic!
    I’ve never really taken a cooking class, but I bet I would really enjoy one!

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