Hello.  I’ve made it to ‘Friday’!  Whew.  What a week.

Instead of waking up at 5:45 to head to the gym this morning I SLEPT IN!  And it felt oh soooo good.  Sometimes I need to force myself to relax and no put myself into overdrive.

So the title of my post… Farmville.  Have you heard of it?


It is a new game on Facebook and I am ADDICTED.  I kind of am over the whole Facebook thing and rarely go on to check what is happenin’ anymore.  However, my brother and his friends sucked me in to ‘trying’ it and now here is what I have ‘planted’, lol.

  • Cherry tree
  • Peach tree
  • Corn
  • Wheat Soybeans

And I have the following animals.

  • Rabbit
  • Horse
  • Cow

I killed my first batch of strawberries though.  They withered away. 😦

Anyway, just a random funny story I thought I would share.  Yep, I am that cool.

Moving on!

This is great timing to get out-of-town.  Now I won’t be sitting and thinking about Petrie leaving.  No sulking for this girl.  I am off to Cali this evening!

Since I won’t get to have ‘scone Friday’, I thought what the heck, how about scone WEDNESDAY??

Here are last weeks photos.  And yes, I did switch it up flavor wise.  By the time I got there they only had raspberry lemon scones left.  But boy oh boy was this flavor every tasty!  Sweet and yet tart at the same time.  Winner in my book.


It is okay to keep gawking.  It does look divine :).


One more…


We’ll have to wait and see what flavor this week brings.

Since I was extra extra lazy and unmotivated super busy last night (I really was, just lazy on top of it!) I didn’t even begin to think or worry about packing my lunch for today.  Which is probably a good thing… there isn’t anything too appetizing in my fridge at the time being.  I am thinking it may be a Subway day.

I don’t know if I will be able to check in at lunch or not.  If not, I probably will catch you on the flip side… aka…

laguna beach 1

The O.C. :mrgreen:

Have you ever been to Southern California?

11 responses to “Farmville

  1. Oh Farmville, can’t believe you got sucked in! I hope you have an awesome trip, I’ve been to LA and some surrounding areas (Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach) a couple times – LOVE it there 🙂 Say hey hey to Kristin Cavarelli if ya see that crazy a$$ lady for me haha 😉 Have a great “Friday!”

  2. Have a safe trip! I’ve never played Farmville. I don’t trust myself to not get addicted!

  3. I live in Southern California about 30 minutes outside of LA!

  4. omg So Cali is one of my favorite places in the WORLD! San Diego is the best!!

  5. I’ve never been anywhere in CA. So sad!

  6. Poor poor soul. another victim of Farmville. My friends got me hooked on it too! I’m currently on it

  7. I’ve heard of Farmville, but I will not get sucked in! haha

    My DH just got back from San Diego and looooved it. I want to go so bad.

  8. haha my boyf is so addicted to farmville — he tries to pull me in but I know I know I’ll become obsessed and never get me homework done everrrrr

  9. I’ve played FarmVille before but never got into it. I get addicted easily to games like that, so i guess its good that i dont 😉

    have fun in Cali! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there! 🙂

  10. omg I refuse to get a farmville just because I’ve heard it’s SOOO addicting. And I don’t have time for that! Eeee have fun in Cali! Of course I’ve been 😉 It’s where I live!! Where specifically are you going in SoCal?

  11. I wish I could go anywhere in California!!! If you know of anyone hiring a Foodie Writer/Blogger, please let me know!

    Just found your blog – great! I’ve started my own – check it out – if you enjoy it, I’d love some comments or add me to your Roll – I am loving it – so much to learn though and blogs to read 🙂

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