Flyby post

Happy Thursday Tuesday!

I have to make this post short and sweet. I have a TON to do at work, add in the factor of being out for two days, and you’ve got one stressed out lady!

Breakfast this morning is a yogurt mess. I combined some new granola my mama sent me, Udi’s Hawaiian:


Look at the flakes of coconut!


With some TJ’s greek yogurt.


And a banana. Mix that all together and you’ve got one refreshing and filling breakfast.


Lunch is one of my go to favorite wraps.   This week, it stars some new hummus I picked up at TJ’s- Chipotle Pepper!


Today I switched up the beans. Instead of black I used garbanzo. We’ll see if I like this combo as much as the black beans.


With lettuce, feta and a carrot that will be eaten separately.


I was going to grab some pretzels at the convenience store to have along side with this lunch today. However, I remembered that I bought TJ’s peanut butter filled pretzels this weekend. So this morning before heading out the door I packed a baggie full :).

Ok, I got to get to work.

What is your typical ‘go to’ snack? I love fruit, yogurt and any sort of bar (Zbar, Larabar, etc). They are healthy and do the trick of holding me over.

8 responses to “Flyby post

  1. Yummy granola, looks good! Sounds like the week is flying and you are getting excited for you trip whoop whoop 🙂

  2. That granola sounds SO good! I love anything coconut! My usual “go-to” is fruit- particularly ones that last me a long time, like frozen grapes, oranges, or skinny sliced apples. My brain needs extra time to process!

  3. Definitely a bar if I’m in a hurry! I love Udi’s granola. Have only tried the cranberry walnut, but it was sooooo good!

  4. Isn’t Udi’s good? I am spoiled by my close proximity to all things Udi’s, so glad you can get some Udi love:)

    Go to snack: Smoothie if I am around a blender, hummus & veggies, Larabar or cottage cheese, please:)

  5. That granola looks sooooooooooo yummy!

  6. I’m a yogurt girl too. pepper hummus sounds good.

  7. that chipotle pepper hummus looks great!

  8. mmmmm that sounds like one delicious yog mess lady!

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