Typical fall day

Hey guys!


I had a typical fall day in the sense that I watched football (heck yes Vikings!!!) and had leftover chili for dinner.

After I posted this morning we decided to head out and bake the banana bread at Mike’s parents instead of here.  They were very thankful to be left with half of a loaf of fresh baked banana bread :).

We of course had some banana bread fresh from the oven.  We also snacked on chips and guac as well and turkey sandwiches.

Since I had my camera out to photograph Petrie, I snapped some food photos when nobody was looking (only a few ingredients were photographed).  Muahaha.  At some point my food blog will come out, but just not yet.




During halftime of the Viking’s game we took Petrie on a walk; and Mike decided to play on the playground, lol.



For dinner we had to have something quick and easy since Mike was needing to fly out the door to jam.  Leftover chili that I had frozen won both of our votes.

My bowl started with a base of jalapeno’s.


Then cheese, sour cream and saltines.


And the ‘butt’ of a loaf of ciabatta bread loaf.  SO GOOD!


I put a few smears of butter on the bread as I was eating it.  I could live off of just plain bread and butter.

Not too sure what dessert will be.  I am craving chocolate cupcakes so bad.  Especially after talking to my mom who made our buttermilk chocolate cake recipe into cupcakes for a woman at work’s birthday tomorrow. Dessert ideas/suggestions are welcome!

I’m off to catch up on all of your fabulous blogs and watch some TV.  I am exhausted.  Just like my little pup was today.




5 responses to “Typical fall day

  1. Haha, that picture made me laugh 🙂

  2. Petrie is so cute! After over 4 months I recently started coming out about my blog. It has been a good response so far!

  3. We had chili tonight too – perfect Sunday treat! I saw the Vikings victory, pretty nice. Love the pup pix btw 🙂

  4. awwwwww- Petrie is so so cute! Sounds like a fun and relaxing day…a perfect Sunday. Hope you found a good dessert last night

  5. My fam doesn’t know about my blog either. Petrie is the cutest thing ever!

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