Short work week!

Happy Monday!  This week is a short work week for me.  Three days and then I am DONE!  Off to LA I will be going 🙂

I am a bit tired this morning because I had the worst time falling asleep last night.  I seriously tossed and turned for hours.  However, I was able to get up and head to the gym to do 5 easy miles on the treadmill.   Then to work I headed.

Yesterday I made banana bread after finding that I had three sad overripe bananas begging to be used to bake something.

For breakfast, I packed a thick slice of  that banana bread and an apple.





A backstory to lunch…

On Saturday night we went out to eat yet AGAIN.  I feel like I ate out a ton last week (I don’t usually eat dinner out more than once per week).  

 My friend was in town, so whatever she wanted, we did! We went to Sawatdee Thai Restaurant which is just down the road from my apartment.

For dinner, I got:

56. Supenn’s Thai Style Pasta
Rice noodles and mixed steamed vegetables topped with zesty green curry sauce
Vegetarian, Chicken or Tofu, Shrimp

I picked tofu for my ‘protein’. It was an amazing curry noodle bowl. The tofu was 100x’s better than Big Bowl’s was.

I am eating up the leftovers for lunch today since we are leaving in two days (I ate all the veggies on Saturday night for the most part).



With a banana alongside.


That is all for me as of right now. I am off to work for the money, lol.

What do you do for a living? If you are a student, what is your major? I am in the marketing industry. I plan on going back to get my MBA at some point so I can be a brand manager for a food company; I am a true foodie at heart.

14 responses to “Short work week!

  1. Thia is really good and I liek your dish.

  2. Awesome that you have a short week! 🙂

    I am currently working as a CPA and actually really like my job (I don’t number crunch thankfully, but have a more project management type role that requires lots of meetings/talking/presentation that I love to do!) — however something in the exercise/food industry would def be my ultimate dream!

    • foodieinthecity

      I am trying to figure out how to get into the exercise/food industry myself. Why won’t somebody seek us out and hire us? haha.

  3. Journalism major 🙂

  4. Love sawatee! Those noodles look delicious too, I always get the veggie curry but might have to try the noodles next time….

  5. I work in the insurance industry. Those noodles look yummy!

  6. Your post makes me so happy because I LOVE SAWATDEE!!! I have such strong memories of going there with my dad when he lived here. He loooves thai food and we would go there together a lot! We used to always go to the uptown one, but now that’s closed. The restaurant there is Roat Osha – have you ever been? It’s still thai food.. actually it’s the same owners as Tum Rup Thai. I haven’t been yet.. but I’d like to try it out!

    Well to answer your QOTD – I’m a kinesiology major.. planning on going to med school and hopefully specialize in sports medicine and/or orthopedics. I ALSO work.. waitress April – October and am a “Home Manager” for 2 families year round! Makin’ the bacon!

  7. Hahha whyy are my comments on your post always novels??

  8. I’m in school still, studying to be working in food!

  9. Love thai! And that banana bread looks killer!

    I’m in marketing… meh.

  10. not gonna lie — this post has made me slightly jealous.. banana bread and a 3 day week? wanna trade?

  11. mmmmm banana bread 🙂

  12. Oh Sawatdee!!! I used to go there ALL THE TIME – they have the BEST pad thai!! yum yum yum

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