May I present to you my little pup, Petrie.


Yes, Petrie like as in the Land Before Time. 🙂  We aren’t sure how we came to this name but Petrie is already understanding her name.  Potty training is going much better today, although we still have some work to do of course.  Errr… a lot of work.

She also is loving her kong with peanut butter.



In terms of food today, I didn’t photograph everything that I ate.  However, here is what I did photograph.

When I woke up I had a piece of toast that I would like to dedicate to my puppy.  This toast has two sides: pb and banana and butter and jelly.  Just like Petrie, she can be a snuggle buddy or a little devil!



This afternoon I made homemade granola.  I had some mixed with yogurt for a snack this afternoon.



This was my first time making granola myself.  I must say, it was a breeze.  I will definitely be doing this more often.  And it would be so easy to switch up the ingredients and get creative.

Dinner tonight was at our house.  Mike’s parents came over to meet the new puppy in the family.  Since my blog isn’t yet known to all, I didn’t take any photos.  Stand in photos cool?  They’ll have to be!

The star of the meal was Chipotle Sloppy Joes from Cooking Light.


On the side, Alexia Olive Oil and Parmesan fries.


Sorry about the tiny photo, lol.

Our plan was to go to the apple orchard today.  However, this was the plan before we got a dog yesterday.  So while our trip to the orchard may be delayed, eating apple pie won’t be.  The following is currently in the oven. Which we will be topping with pumpkin pie ice cream.



While I am excited to have a piece of this pie I would much rather have made my own.  Beggars can’t be choosers though, right?

What is your favorite type of pie? I would have to go with Key Lime!

Have a pleasant Sunday evening bloggies.  I will be back in full force tomorrow, I promise!


9 responses to “Petrie

  1. First off, must I say that I heart you bc that buffalo chicken pot pie dinner was fab-freakin-tasticcccc! Secondly, Alexia taters are super fab, and your din looks like it was yummy. Third of all, your pup is so cute and I’m glad that she has a name now 🙂 Yay for a great weekend!

  2. Petrie!! I love it.

    Favorite pie = pumpkin, hands down. But I am definitely a pumpkin pie snob, and just any ol’ one won’t do. Basically, unless I make it myself I will be skeptical. Hahah.. even of Grandma’s! 😉

  3. what a unique name!i love it!

    to be honest i dont have a favorite pie, but to choose i think it would be apple!

  4. Hi Petrie! 🙂

  5. Love the name! Totally fits her adorable-ness! My fave pie is pumpkin. Love the custard filling with the buttery crust! Mmm-mmm-good!

  6. Petrie is adorable!! Love, love, love!

  7. SOO FUN!!!! Is that a puggle?!

  8. love the name.

  9. I’m in love with your puppy! My roommate and I were just talking about naming future pets after LBT characters. Love it!

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