Taking some getting used to

The yet to be named new addition to our family is doing great.

She is a very lively and charismatic little pup who has already brought so many laughs and smiles to our home.  However, I have a feeling potty training is going to be tough on us.  We take her out at least every 45 minutes, but she isn’t understanding the concept of pottying outside.  Whenever we get her back inside, she decides on our floor or in her kennel is the perfect place to go to the restroom.  Any potty training tips?

I know that this is the first day we have her and it is a long process!

So how did we land this pup?  Well, we were sitting at a bar on campus watching the Gopher game.  I decided to look and see what  puppies that the Humane Society had available today… which lead to us cutting our homecoming celebration short and heading to a locale humane society where we got our rambunctious adorable puppy.  We got there just in time too, there were three families that came in after us looking for ‘Chloe’.

Just a little background.  We were going to get a pug puppy from a breeder actually; that was my ‘secret meeting’ from a few weeks back.  Next weekend we were going to pick the puppy out and then take the puppy home on Halloween.  However, we are happy to report we were able to adopt one and bring her home to a loving ‘family’.

Since we have this little girl running around getting used to her surroundings and chewing on anything and everything, it was definitely an order in night.  That is when we called Papa John.

I had two slices of pizza.  One pepperoni, the other pepperoni, onion and jalapeno.



I see a bowl of ice cream in my future tonight too.  Have a wonderful Saturday evening bloggies.

Any exciting plans for tomorrow?

***I just had to add this ADORABLE photo of ‘it’…  Even though she poo’s and pees on the floor, how can you not love her?



11 responses to “Taking some getting used to

  1. New puppies are so exciting!

    We found that our dog developed a signal before she would go, she’d start sniffing around like crazy to find a spot to ‘go’. When we noticed that, we picked her up and ran outside! 🙂

  2. That is so great that you got to adopt!! My last dog was from a shelter too. PROMISE YOU – the first day is usually not a good representation of how the potty sitch will pan out. It’s most likely just nerves. Just make sure you are consistent with her and she will get used to the routine soon enough!

    Plans for tomorrow… trying to stay warm! Hahah are you frozen yet? Hmm, real plans? I think we have a spin workout in the morning and lifting later on, but other than that, some homework for this lil one.

    p.s. I know you’re crazy busy right now.. but come enter my giveaway when you have the chance! Haha it would be very nice not to have to ship to some crazy overseas $65 location!

  3. I adopted Lucy when she was 2 and fully potty trained, so no helpful advice here sorry :/ however she is so freaking cute that I know you will have the patience to get through it!

    Tomorrow I may go check out a local wine festival with my mom, def want to work out and then making your buffalo chicken pot pie for dinner 🙂

  4. OMG cutest puppy ever! congrats to the new parents 🙂

  5. I have nearly melted when i saw that picture! OMG i’m pretty sure i love her! Congrats dear! 🙂


  6. I know exactly what you need! The book “Puppies for Dummies.” My roomie and I had a puppy this summer, things didn’t work out because we are so busy 😦 It broke our hearts.
    Anyway, I still have the book– got it super cheap on Amazon. Let me know if you’d like to have it, I’d be happy to send it to you! Lots of great training tips.

  7. Oh she is so sweet!!! You must be so excited to have a puppy! Unfortunately i do not have any puppy tips…. 😦 Maybe she just needs some time to get settled in!

  8. WHAT A CUTIE!!!! Major major props to you for going with a shelter rescue. All of my dogs came from the ‘pound’ and they’re all just perfect pets! The first few weeks of potty training are sooo tough. Best advice I have for you is to take her out immediately after she eats/drinks a lot of water/wakes up from a nap, and you just have to walk her around until she goes. Give her lots of love & pets while still outside to encourage her to go! Good luck!!

  9. I hope the first night went OK! Just keep taking her out about every 45 minutes for a while and she’ll get the hang of it! It sucks, but it really works. Our boxer is 6 months and I think it took about 2 months for her to figure out how to “ask” to go to the bathroom. Your puppy is so cute!

  10. mmmm pizza 🙂

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