Happy TGIAF night! We have almost made it.

So tonight I branched out and made a recipe from Ellie Krieger: Macaroni and 4 Cheeses.

I love Ellie and think she is an amazing chef who incorporates healthy ingredients to create recipes for some of our favorite meals.  Bonus that these dishes are healthy, fairly low in calories and taste good (most of the time).

Before I get into the verdict for this recipe, look how gorgeous this dish looks coming out of the oven.  Doesn’t look healthy, not one bit.



My portion, with a side salad with croutons and raspberry vinaigrette.




And of course dipping sauces.  Ketchup and ranch.



Ok, so here we go with the review.

I was a bit nervous while looking at the recipe since it included two boxes of pureed squash.  However, I thought to myself that ‘oh, you won’t be able to really taste the squash, the cheese will cover up that taste’.  Also, the photo of this dish totally sold me on giving it a try.

So, away I cooked in the kitchen.  Boil, stir, simmer, bake, brown, the whole shebang.

First bite. The taste totally wasn’t what I had anticipated.  It tasted pretty much like squash-a-roni.  It also tasted semi bland.

Next few bites. The taste grew on me slightly.  I definitely still wasn’t loving this dish by any means, but I didn’t mind the flavor once I got past the fact that it was nothing close to what I thought it would be.  Just as a fyi, I do love squash, so the intense squash/noodle flavor was definitely bearable for me.  With some additional cheese and my dipping sauces it was an okay meal.  One of those dishes where you go, meh, this is just okay, not something I’d make again.

Now Mike on the other hand…

When it came out of the oven he was so excited. He told me he ‘couldn’t wait to wolf down a big bowl of this mac’.  After his first few bites, I asked him what the thought.  His response?  ‘What do you think of it?’.  I immediately knew he didn’t like it.  I know my man way too well :).  When he was eating his salad first rather than downing the macaroni (which is one of his favorite foods), I knew the dish was a FAIL in his book, lol.

Yea… Mike definitely didn’t even finish his portion.  That means A LOT.   I’m sorry babe :(.  He wanted to try this dish too, so we agreed it was both of our faults on the dislike. (Hi, Mike here….it looked really good, not Jenna’s fault 🙂 )

So… anybody want to come over for squasharoni?  We have enough left to feed an army. :mrgreen:

I’m off to catch up on my reader.  Oh my goodness guys, I am so far behind on reading everybody’s blogs.  I must catch up while eating a bowl of puppy chow!

Have you ever tried a recipe that you expected to be a hit but was a total fail?  If so, what was it?

And another shout out to Jonathan for bringing me a steaming hot cinnamon raisin bagel this morning again.  You are the best co-worker ever.  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH (inside joke).


10 responses to “Squash-a-roni?

  1. Oh boooo that recipe sounded like it coulda had some potential so I see why you picked it!! Sorry it didn’t turn out well, but I think we’ve all had that one happen in one way or another (usually the recipes we are most excited about too, at least for me!!) And it’s so funny that you knew immediately that Mike didn’t like it, bc I have the same radar on Jordan and can almost immediately tell when he isn’t a fan! We must be really good girlfriends or somethin’ 😉 Have a great night and yay for friday tomorrow!

  2. What a bummer! I hate it when that happens! It looks really good too…

  3. what a bum that this recipe wasn’t everything you thought it was going to be! Maybe just decrease the amount of squash next time?


  4. well at least the mac and cheese looks delish! sorry to hear it didn’t taste as good as it looked! but ketchup with mac and cheese…holy yumm!

  5. Mmmm yep – and it was one I made today! Flippin zucchini muffins.. they didn’t rise one bit. I honestly haven’t even tried them yet because they just look so darn sad.

    sorry the mac n cheezze didn’t turn out they way you wanted, but you’re right – it LOOKS gorgeous! And hey.. you don’t have to feel bad, its not your recipe!

  6. Sucks it didn’t taste good! It looks amazing!

  7. Maybe Lucy and Vernie will eat the leftovers? 🙂

  8. Hmm well thanks for the review of it – now I know to stand clear! Or at least change it up a bit.

  9. Sorry it wasn’t a hit! I have her cookbook, too – so I’ll know to stay away from this one:)

  10. That’s a bummer. It definitely looks pretty! Sorry it was a let down.

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