Crazy weekend ahead

Whoohoo!  Another weekend is upon us.  We just need to make it through the work/school day, and we are free!

Due to the indulgent weekend I have ahead: beer, bar food, apple crisp, you get the picture… I headed to the gym for a run this morning. Usually I would take it easy on Friday’s and partake in a class. However, I will be missing my run tomorrow, so I had to fit one in today.

I ran 7 miles this morning; my legs need a break though! They were hurtin’ for certain towards the end.

It is that time of the week again my friends.  Scone Friday.
Last week I had my favorite scone flavor yet.  Cinnamon chip.




Are you drooling yet?  If so, make sure to wipe your face ;).

For lunch today I packed some leftover squash-a-roni.  We have a ton left due to Mike’s strong dislike and my just ‘meh’ review.  I really don’t like to waste food, so I am going to do my best to at least eat have of what we have left.  Not sure if that will be possible or not, but we shall see.

Since it no longer looks appetizing what-so-ever, here is a photo from Ellie Krieger’s website.


I also packed a banana to have along side.  Squash for veggies and naner to cover the fruit category, both yeller.


Definitely on its last leg, wouldn’t you say?  I love mushy, over-ripe banana though.  They are my favorite.

I’m off to work the day away. What are your plans for the weekend?

12 responses to “Crazy weekend ahead

  1. Maybe it would be better if you added something to the leftovers? Veggies, marinara, some other sort of sauce?

  2. mmm banana’s that are over ripe are my favorite too. i like so mash them up and spread over graham crackers!

  3. UMMMM I NEED TO INTRODUCE SCONE FRIDAY – those are one of my favorite things to eat and make!

    mmmm cinnamon chip…mmmmmm!

  4. yay for friday! so excited for you and your fun weekend plans 🙂 we are laying low this weekend and doin’ some around the house type stuff… but i am gettin’ my hair did and can’t wait for that! i also want to make the buffalo chicken pot pie one night, so that’s on the meal agenda… have a great day girlie!

  5. So ready for the weekend! Just hanging with the hubby… going to the beach club for some sun.
    I don’t like my bananas too ripe. I hate when they get too beat up- then I just freeze them for smoothies, lol!

  6. glad you are still willing to eat the squash a roni 😉

  7. I think my banana looks even worse than that guy!

  8. Date night! Going to see Couples Retreat. And blog…took a day off yesterday whoops!

  9. That scone looks divine!!!

    Weekend plans for me are to go to Virginia. Woo hoo!

  10. My FAVE scones – yummy!!!! I have a wedding to attend this weekend, should be fun! Have a great one yourself!! 😀

  11. Happy Homecoming! Hope you’re staying warm at the game! (if you aren’t– drink more beer! 🙂 🙂

  12. Ellie krieger has got it going on! Have a swelllllll weekend my fav foodie!

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