I did it!

What did I do you ask?  Keep on readin’.

Work was work today, nothing too special to report on that front. Other than the fact that I keep being tempted by candy, which I secretly don’t mind. 😆

I bring the temptation upon myself though; I keep a variety of treats on my desk for others to enjoy. My bosses’s boss came and brought my $5 yesterday to put towards my next candy run, lol. What a nice gesture, huh?

So yes, this afternoon I had some candy and the ‘butt of the bread’ from Panera which was leftover from a meeting this afternoon. I will never, ever pass on a butt of bread. One of my brothers good high school buddies pretty much lived at our house growing up and he had a love for the butts of bread as well. We would seriously brawl over the bread butts the second my mom would come home with a new loaf.  True story.

Dinner tonight was an easy classic.  Chicken and rice casserole with green beans.  I was good and followed the rule of 1/2 veggies, 1/4 grains and 1/4 protein.





Dipping sauces included ranch, ketchup and bbq sauce.  I know, random.  And probably gross to some.  But delicious to moi.

Dessert is up in the air, but you know me, and you know it will always be had in some shape or form.

So today I did something I thought I would never, in a million years, ever do.


Yup, you read that right, I, Jenna, registered for a HALF MARATHON!!!!! :mrgreen:  GAHHHHHHHHHHH!  This is a huge deal for me guys.

About a year and a half ago I could barely run 30 minutes.  During my senior year of college I took a conditioning class and worked my way up to those 30 minutes.  Right around a year ago I found Caitlin and Meghann’s blog and they both inspired me to try and push myself a little bit harder.  Long story short, I am now able to run 10 miles with ease (for the most part).  So why not go for the half, right?  The marathon on Sunday gave me that last push.  And yes, I am still contemplating a marathon…

My good friend Brian from work signed up with me today, we are totally going to rock it.

While it is a pretty long ways away, I am already giddy with excitement.  I am sure I will be scared as hell when it gets nearer and nearer, but right now, I am so happy.  And that my friends mean I made the right decision in signing up!

We are also trying to get Jonathan (birthday boy) to register as well.  Who, by the way, now knows about my blog after reading ‘foodieinthecity@gmail.com’ on my form and then me having to explain the whole blog story… which he loves by the way :).

Ok, now that  I have written a short novel tonight, I will leave you with this questions.

Do you have any races/events/etc., that you are currently signed up for or training for?


16 responses to “I did it!

  1. ahhhhhhhh! Thats so awesome that you signed up! I know you can do it! I am currently training for a 10 miler. If I survive…I am thinking about a half marathon! Great dinner- love all the veggies

  2. congrats on entering a half marathon, thats great!

  3. I am so happy for you!! Congrats on signing up and being so dedicated to such a wonderful thing… props girlie 🙂 Enjoy dessert, whatever that may be!!!

  4. That is so great! Are you doing one in the cities? I did 2 a few years ago and need to sign up for a race so that I keep running! (otherwise I seem to always lose motivation to run)

  5. That’s funny – my mom couldn’t FORCE ANY of us to eat the bread butt – we all thought it had cooties 🙂


    • foodieinthecity

      I know, everybody who knows me automatically passes me the butt of the bread, it is quite humorous 🙂

      Thanks! It is pretty far off, but I am already trying to find a good training schedule, lol.

  6. Congrats on signing up for the half marathon! Good luck with training!

  7. Awesome girl how exciting!!! Training for something is so much fun 🙂

  8. Yayy! I totally thought you would have already done one by now.. by the way you knock out those 10 milers like no prob. EXCITING! Which one did you sign up for?!

  9. Oh dumb.. I just looked up in the comments and saw you said it’s the Minneapolis half. Good choice!! Do you mean the Minneapolis downtown half? If you do, I’ve done that one before! Really nice course, except for one part hwere you do a loop – some people weren’t sure if they were supposed to go around a 2nd time (yes..) or just keep going (no). Haha.. some people finished with a time like 20 minutes faster than they expected and couldn’t figure it out!

  10. oh, how exciting congrats on registering for the half…you go girl.

  11. yay yay yay!!!! girl i’m so excited for you! 🙂 i’m reaching the end of my training for my first half too! 2 weeks and counting. i’m scared but i’m so so so excited! 🙂 I”ll be here every step of the way for you girl! so proud


  12. So exciting! I’m hoping to run a half next year, but I’m sooo far from being ready for it. It sounds like you’re already there 🙂

    I love ranch and barbecue on almost anything!

  13. I’ve got a bikini contest on April 12th. Training started yesterday! It’s actually in Minneapolis 🙂 Oh my gosh I could eat ranch on everything…By the way, congrats on the 1/2!

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