Lessons learned

Happy soggy Tuesday! Well, at least here in Minneapolis where it is raining and raining and raining.


The rain is fine with me today though, because the VIKINGS WON LAST NIGHT!!!! What a game, and what fun I had ;). I am paying for it slightly this morning, but I was living in the moment and I had fun. That is what life is all about, right?

Needless to say, with the late night, lack of sleep and the rain, the gym was not an option this morning. While I would like to get on the bandwagon after last nights indulgences, I’ll be sure to go tomorrow. I just need to make healthier food choices today and not eat endless Halloween candy from my friends cube keep the mini Snickers to a minimum :).

So my lesson learned is a lesson learned again.

Every night before I go to bed I pack my workout clothes, my clothes for the next work day, and most importantly, my food for the next day. This is the only time where I can plan ahead and make smart choices, or err, not be lazy? I seriously get really thrown for a loop if I can’t do my nightly routine. Type A can you say? Lol.

So last night my routine obviously didn’t happen. Nor did I get it together this morning to, 1. pack thought out meals or, 2. photograph what I through together.

So this is what I ended up with, images courtesy of the fabulous Google Images.

Breakfast is two packets of oatmeal with a banana sliced on top and a spoonful of Jungle Banana Peanut Butter.


Lunch is a Lean Cuisine. Hey, don’t judge, they come in handy for days like today.


I also brought a honeycrisp to have along side. Could have been worse!

Off to work I go. Have a fabulous day!

What do you pack for breakfast/lunch if you are in a rush to get out the door?


9 responses to “Lessons learned

  1. haha we all have those days!! im definitely like you and plan out all my clothes + food the night before. but in emergencies where im running out the door, my grab and go lunch is usually a calorie- dense protein bar, some fruit and yogurt!

    have a wonderful tuesday!

  2. Glad you had fun last night! I’m all for nights of fun like that! 🙂 I usually try to keep a few frozen meals on hand for nights/mornings like those! Or I always have some bagels that I can have for lunch if need be.

  3. I get thrown if I can’t do my nightly routine of getting things ready for the morning, too. It makes the morning so much more streamlined!

  4. I sub in cereal instead of taking the time to cook oats if I am in a rush in the morning (I eat brekkie at home). Also, if I don’t pack my lunch in the evening, then it is usually because I plan on going out for lunch the following day… so I just make sure to make healthy choices when I do that! Glad your team won last night adn that you lived in the moment (love those kinda nights but def type A in that they mess my routine all up!) however don’t know that my boyfriend is too happy with the Packers loss :/ hahahaha

  5. I usually try and grab leftovers or a Kashi or Amy’s frozen meal. Or a quick PB&J!

  6. I grab Clif Bars and rice cakes and nut butter. Works every time! Go Vikings!!

  7. jungle banana peanut butter?! what what?

  8. I try to freeze leftovers every now and then so I can take those on emergencies, but sometimes it’s just an Amy’s or Kashi meal. Nothing wrong with some frozen food every now and then!

  9. I keep cartons of Trader Joe’s soup around, roasted pepper and tomato, carrot and ginger, and usually pair that with a little can of tuna or some whole grain bread. Lean Cuisine, if you don’t eat it for lunch 7 days/week is fine!

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