Game night

Howdy!  I am headed out to a local bar to cheer on the hometown team (Vikings) and hopefully they will find victory over the Packers!


The two teams are pretty big rivals, especially since we now have Brett Favre as our QB! :mrgreen:

Along with Monday night football comes some brewskis.  I may or may not be back to post tonight, but if not, I’ll catch you on the flip side and have a stellar evening!


7 responses to “Game night

  1. uh oh… my boyfriend is a packers fan!! i see a rivalry brewin’ 😉 have a fantastic night girlie

  2. We are all so bitter about Brett. I think everyone at UW-Wis is watching the game right now.

  3. I’m totally cheering for Brett 🙂

  4. Have fun! I miss football!

  5. My boyfriend isn’t looking so i’m gonna wish you ”good luck”…in a low whisper. lol

  6. I’m torn on rooting for the Vikings because my man Adrian Peterson is from OU (my alma mater) but I’m not a big fan of Favre at all. I wish Oklahoma had a pro team, it’d be so much more fun to watch the NFL. Hope you had a good time last night!

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