Marathon morning

Good morning/afternoon!  How is your Sunday going so far?  Somebody wanted to say hi…


I was up early this morning to cheer on one of my best friends who is running in the TC Marathon; Holly was running it too, awesome chica’s.   I am really sad because I couldn’t find my friend in the herds of runners.  I guess I didn’t expect as many people to be running a marathon as there were .

While standing there watching everybody run by I got a little choked up.  It was SO INSPIRING! I kept thinking to myself, ‘Well maybe I want to do this?’.   Hmmm, so you may, huge may, see me contemplate doing a marathon next year or the year after.  I feel like I would want a running buddy… anybody interested!?!?  Lol.

The cool thing to me was the range of people from all different backgrounds that were running.  And the wide range of ages too!  There were runners who had to have been in their teens, all the way up to a gentleman that had to have been a grandpa.  It was adorable :).

I wish I would have thought to bring my camera though.  Some of the ‘costumes’ the runners were wearing were hilarious.  There were quite a few pumpkins representin’.  And the crowds that came out to cheer on the runners were pretty amazing too.  All in all and long story short, these runners are amazing and inspirational.  So much so that I am *thinking* of thinking about running one, lol.


Before we left to cheer on the runners I had a few bites of cold pizza (unphotographed).

We went right from the marathon to the grocery store.  Mike was starving and got a donut, which I had about 1/3 of.  I also had a cookie sample.  Nothing like loads of sugar early in the morning, huh? 😉

Once we got home, I was surprisingly not too hungry, but knew I needed to eat.  I incorporated a few of the new things we got at the store: challah bread and new jam.

Here is the new jam:


Even before breakfast, I had to make a small sample.


Verdict on the jam?  You must look for this in your grocery store!  It doesn’t taste ‘low-sugar’ at all and is extremely flavorful.  I was a bit disappointed that I could really taste the mango or the lemon flavor to the jam, but boy oh boy does this still hit it out of the park for a strawberry jam.

I then toasted up some challah and made a pb and banana toast. I also had a slab of bread with some butter and jam.



Of course, got to get some calcium in with the yoggie.


Oh, and a handful of candy corn and peanuts, aka a salted nut roll.

This afternoon the girls (Sunny and I, lol) are by ourselves.  Mike and a few buddies are headed to Mankato to watch a pre-season T’Wolves game.  Die hards 🙂

I am going to make some crack, puppy chow, watch some tv, read some blogs, work on my new blog web page and make some chili.  I ❤ lazy Sunday afternoons!

What are you doing this afternoon?  Have you had a good weekend?


8 responses to “Marathon morning

  1. Glad the race touched you! You should definitely do a marathon:)

    I’ve heard of so many people making puppy chow lately – now I want some!

  2. its crazy what inspires us isn’t it? I get chocked up from the strangest things! I want to be your running buddy! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear if you decide to run a race sometime in the future or not! o and ps. can i come for some puppy chow?! that stuff is AMAZING 🙂

  3. May I recommend starting with a half marathon first? I’ve done neither a half nor a full marathon, but it just seems like it would be easier to “ease into” a marathon if you did a half the first time around… I’ll be your running buddy when I’m home in MN 🙂

  4. jam looks great!

  5. Strawberry mango + lemon — oh yea! Sounds yummy 🙂 Hope you are having a fantastic weekend dear!

  6. I’ve been laying around myself! Watching old Friends DVDs and playing with the puppy! I think you should do the marathon 🙂 Just sayin…have you done a 1/2?

  7. glad race today gave you a little extra umphhhh for the marathon — you got it girl!

  8. Marathons are so inspiring! I wish I could be your running buddy 😉

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