Secret meeting

Morning all! It is a dreary, rainy, nasty day here in Minneapolis. However, I kind of like it! Sometimes a rainy day soothes the soul 🙂 What is the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

I’ve got to make this snappy because I am going to meet somebody for coffee… a ‘secret meeting’ in which I am *crossing my fingers* hoping you will get to hear about soon!

I am planning on getting coffee and something for breakfast at Caribou, however, if it falls through, I brought Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll report back later!



For lunch, I through together a wrap by putting a bunch of random things together and wrapping attempting to fold it over.

I went a little crazy and put a lot on it, volume wise. The wrap has got:

-Black Beans
-Feta Cheese




With a side of Baked Cheetos’. It has been too long my friends.


Ok, I am off! Have a fabulous day.  Oh, and don’t forget there will be Lemon Cupcake’s this afternoon!

What is your go-to drink at a place like Starbucks/Caribou? Do you usually get a bakery item as well?I love chai tea latte’s as well as frappuccino’s/cooler’s.

7 responses to “Secret meeting

  1. Mocha Frap Light from Starbucks! Is this a dog related meeting by any chance?!?!? Ummm baked cheetos are love in a bag… seriously…so….good!

  2. Mmmm…baked Cheetos?! I didn’ t know they made those now. They sound delicious 🙂
    I love the convenience of the instant oatmeal packs. I always need two packs though!

  3. Good luck with your meeting, Ms. Mysterious 😉

    Genius idea to put a celery stalk in a wrap. Such a nice way to add crunch!

  4. owwwww can’t wait to hear what it is! Great wrap. I love starbucks- I get mistos. Not a big pastry fan

  5. your wrap looks yummy!

  6. i need baked cheetos and that wrap please! 🙂

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