I <3 birthday's!

Don’t you just love birthday cake birthdays?  I sure do.  Everybody is celebrating, happy, social and not to mention, there is usually cake of some sort.

It is my good friend from work, Jonathan’s, birthday tomorrow.  Happy early bday friend 🙂  Since I am such a wonderful friend and love to bake, I volunteered to make his favorite thing, Lemon Cake.  More specifically, Nathan’s Lemon Cake (Cooking Light), which I made into cupcakes for ease of serving.

Here is the photo of what the cake would look like:


And my cupcakes…




So the frosting looks nothing like the cake frosting shown above, even though I followed the directions to a tee, but it is still bomb.  Don’t you love how whenever you make a dish, 9 times out of 10 it never looks as good as their staged photo?  Someday I’ll get there ;).

Of course I had to try a bite from one of the four cupcakes that I saved for Mike and I.  Now, I had never heard of lemon cake before today, let alone tried a bite, nor had Mike.  And… we were both blown away.  This recipe will be going on file.  It was so light and refreshing, compared to say, hmmm, just about any other kind of cake.  I think this would definitely be a crowd pleaser!

When it came to dinner, neither Mike or I felt like making anything, especially since I had just dirtied up the kitchen baking the cupcakes.  What else to turn to other than thin crust frozen pizza!


Notice anything?


Along with some cantelouop



Dessert will most likely be a Lemon Cupcake!!!

Can you believe tomorrow is OCTOBER!?!?  Do you have a favorite month?

12 responses to “I <3 birthday's!

  1. Favorite month = April, my birthday month 😀

  2. must agree with veggie girl, april is the month of my bday 😉

  3. Those cupcakes look awesome! My favorite month is July, because I’m a hot weather junkie!

  4. Great job on the bday treats! I ADORE lemon cake — ever since I read a recipe for french lemon-yogurt cake in Molly Wizenberg’s “A Homemade Life” and made it (ummm 3 times now haha) I have been in love….!!! Here’s that recipe if you are curious 🙂


  5. Ah october already! i cannot believe it at all!!!

    What a wonderful baking creation! lemon cupcakes sound so delish!


  6. October is my favorite because it’s my birthday month! My birthday is Friday!

  7. Those cupcakes look/sound sooo good! My fave month in January because it’s my birth month and I usually go on vacation!

  8. Those cupcakes look super tasty, WELL DONE!!!

    I like fall and springs months, such perfect weather.

    Is it odd I like frozen pizza more than fresh pizza?

  9. rhodeygirltests

    Those cupcakes look awesome!!! YUM!

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