Hamburger or diagonal hot dog fold?

Evening!  It is raining cats and dogs here in downtown Minneapolis.  Fine by me though, it is a perfect excuse to curl up on the couch and catch up on the Real Housewives ;).

The lemon cupcakes were a huge hit at the office today.  The birthday boy loved them so much he had three cupcakes! I even had some of the men asking for the recipe, lol.  They wanted to ‘give it to their wives’.  You should pull out this recipe the next time you need to make a cake/cupcakes, I promise you’ll love it!

I think you guys will see a pattern this fall/winter.  Whenever it gets cold/rainy/windy/snowy/you get the picture, I crave soup.  So soup it was tonight!

Tonight we got some help from Uncle Ben.


Last year I learned my lesson when making broccoli cheese soup from a mix.  It is a must that you add your own fresh broccoli to beef the soup up!  We also added some jalapeno’s.  We have gone through a whole jar in less than a week, what is our problem!?!?



I had a sourdough roll with my soup


And a few bites a bite of Mike’s grilled cheese.



Do you cut your sandwiches hamburger or hot dog (horizontal hot dog)? I choose hot dog; remember when your teacher used to use this terminology for folding paper?

My dinner was a bit on the lighter side this evening; I wasn’t really hungry.  Maybe that was because, errrr, I had sugar overload today.  Let’s see here… low fat banana bread from Caribou, 1/4th of a cinnamon roll, some Halloween candy and a cupcake today.  I had ZERO self restraint today 😦

I will most likely get hungry a bit later.  I can hear some cereal calling my name!

Has anybody heard or read of Glamour’s movement to feature more ‘plus sized’ models in their magazine, starting in the November issue? It’s about freakin’ time!!  Hopefully the rest of the fashion magazines will follow suit.  Here is the link to the article- ‘Are You Ready to Start a Body Image Revolution? Oh Wait, You Already Did!‘, please read it!

One last note… since I love soup so much and it is going to be a long winter, I am thinking about trying a different soup every week. Anybody have any favorite soup/stew recipes?

8 responses to “Hamburger or diagonal hot dog fold?

  1. I’m boring and always cut my sandwiches hamburger stlye–but I remember, as a kid, being jealous of kids whose sandwiches were cut diagonally. haha that;s pretty weird.

  2. i defs cut my sandwiches down the middle, not diagonally!!

  3. This soup looked really good!! I love that you added your own veggies, brilliant girlie 🙂 Also, great job on the cupcakes — they sound deelish!! Enjoy Real Housewives, I am so a junkie too haha

  4. so great about Glamour Magazine FINALLY embrasing REAL women, and curvy HEALTHY bodies ! really. we need people to look at and not feel a pinge of hate.. we want to see real life!!

    i love making hearty squash soups. with bnut squash, apples, onions, celery.. ect. delish. no recipe off the top of my head.. sorry

  5. I’m all about the diagonal sandwich cut. 😉 And I am SO glad what Glamour Magazine is doing. (Although it still bothers me the models are called “plus sized” because they by no means are).

    • foodieinthecity

      Heck yes. Diagonal is the way to go.

      No kidding, these woman are like a size 6 and considered ‘heavy’. Ridiculous.

  6. i LOVE minestrone soup so so so much! 🙂

  7. I love that article about the Glamour models!

    Your dinner looks great, and so does Mike’s grilled cheese. YUM!

    I go back and forth b/w hamburger and hot dog style, but diagonal is def the most fun!

    I love corn chowder. My mom makes the best but I don’t have her recipe. I need to get it!

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