Rachael filled me to the brim

Howdy friends.  I am writing this post stuffed to the brim thanks to the fabulous Rachael Ray.  More on that in a bit…

This afternoon’s eats were wayyy random.  My appetite hasn’t really been present today for some reason.  I pretty much snacked my way through the whole afternoon.  A lot of my snacks weren’t photographed due to being completely spontaneous.  What I did photograph:

Chips and guac:


Mystery squash with pumpkin butter and butter.


I thought this was an butternut squash, but it ended up being what seemed to be a hybrid between butternut and spaghetti squash.  Even though I was disappointed it wasn’t butternut, it was still quite good (and the pumpkin butter went great with it too!).

Other notable eats of the afternoon include: an apple, the rest of my cheesecake and some peanut butter and crackers.  Now that I list it all out, it does kind of seem like a lot, whoops!  Boredom snacking I supposed.

I caught up on blogs, worked on my puzzle and watching the VIKINGS WIN!!!  If anybody was watching the game, you know how amazing Favre’s touchdown pass with two seconds left in the game was.  It was screaming and jumping for joy like a two year old.  Minnesota pride baby!

061029_Minnesota_Vikings_logoAnd now on to the main event of the day, dinner.  This was a new recipe of Rachael Ray’s that Mike picked out.  What is it you ask?  Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie. We found it in one of her cookbooks that I own, but lucky for you, the recipe is online.

Now, I was a bit hesitant going into this meal.  I love buffalo chicken and a I love pot pie, but the two of them together?  And with corn bread as the ‘crust’?  Didn’t sound too great to me.  Boy was I ever wrong.  There are not words to describe how delicious this dish was. All I can say is you have got to try this recipe, pronto!

Before going into the oven:


Hot out of the oven:


My slice of the pie with salad, which I doused with ranch:



Got to work the angles 😉


This portion may not look big since we were using huge bowls (think salad bowls x2 or 3), but it was probably about 1/6 of the dish… so it was enormous.  I didn’t think there was any way on earth I could eat this whole bowl, anddd, I did.  It was so good I couldn’t stop.  😦  My body is saying ‘payback time Jenna, you stuffed me way too much’.  Oh well, it was worth it.

It is now time to lay on the couch and curl up with Sunny.  I am thinking either a book or some Mad Men, followed by an early bedtime.  I am exhausted.  I definitely may just find room for dessert as well.

By the way, I am trying something new for breakfast tomorrow.  While it is not new to the blog world, it is new in my world.  I put it together this evening and am wondering if I did something wrong, it just doesn’t look right.  However, maybe the way it looks is exactly what it should look like.  You will see tomorrow a.m. if it works out!

Have you ever tried a Rachael Ray recipe? If so, do you have a favorite?


14 responses to “Rachael filled me to the brim

  1. looks good! I have never tried a rachel ray recipe before.

  2. Breakfast cookie?!?

  3. I really love Rach. I was actually watching a bit of her today and I was thinking that while all of her stuff isn’t always “healthy” she always uses REAL ingredients which I think is way more important!

  4. Haha so I just said the words “buffalo chicken pot pie” to the man and he goes “WHATTTT?! YES. YES. YES. YES.” I wish you coulda just seen his face hahaha it was priceless. FYI buffalo chicken is like quite possibly his favorite food ever in the whole entire world. He would probably sell his soul for this stuff. I am totally making this next week, great job girl 🙂

    Fave RR recipe (great for parties, always a hit!)


  5. Rachael Ray has some awesome recipes. i watch her show all the time and always tell myself i need to make something! glad you enjoyed your meal!


  6. Could your new breakfast dish be a BREAKFAST COOKIE??? That’s my guess 🙂 And if it is, good call girl!

  7. That buffalo chicken pot pie looks super tasty! I love Rachael Ray’s magazine Everyday!

  8. Hey chica! Sounds like you had a nice football Sunday 😉 I’m a Patriots girl myself! Have you been to old navy recently? They’re selling the cutest NFL t shirts (so random)! I think they have an adorable vikings one. Love RR- I always lighten up her recipes a bit though. Her hot and cold sesame noodles in my fav

  9. I did see that catch, pretty amazing!

    Was that an acorn squash?

    I have several RR cookbooks. One of my fave recipes is her sloppy joe recipe. yum! That recipe looks great too!

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