Career Change

I have big news to announce, I am leaving my job in the marketing field to become a professional bowler.  Your thoughts?

I was pretty much unstoppable last night.  I kept getting strike after strike.  I was the champ of the group 🙂  We had a great time last night; no way to sugar coat it, many drinks were had.

The four of us also brought up the idea of potentially going to Las Vegas in November.  Jodi had looked into it yesterday and the deals are fantastic.  We all just need to check in on our vacation time; hopefully it will work out!  I’ve never been to Vegas, have you?  If so, what did you think of it?

To top the night off, we stopped by one of my favorite pizza places in Uptown, Toppers.  Now, Toppers doesn’t deliver downtown, so of course, I had to get a late night snack ;).  We got an order of the Pepperonistix; I was good an only had one and a half stix with marinara sauce and garlic butta.  Worth every bite!

This morning Sunny woke me up at 7 letting me know she had to go outside and go potty.  Afterwards we curled up on the couch.  Annnnd, I had a donut hole.


Sunny decided she was interested.


And then she was interested in the object that was close to her head (the camera).


Yep, that’s her nose and her little eye.  Adorable.

On to eats this morning.  I had some overly ripe bananas that I wanted to use up but wanted to try something different from just banana bread.  Want to play name that batter?


The  recipe that caught my eye was Brown Sugar Banana Coffee Cakes from Sunset magazine.


I got a little sloppy while butting on the streusel, hence the little burnt blobs all over the pan :).

Fresh out of the oven…



While these were okay, they didn’t really do it for me.  The banana flavor was pretty much non-existent, I would much rather have had my banana bread.  However, Mike did enjoy them, so maybe you would too!

After breakfast, we took Sunny on an hour walk along the river.  We found some really cool trails that we never knew existed.  They are perfect running trails!  You know me, I am not an outside runner, but these trails and the scenery gives me the urge to run them.

Not sure what lunch holds.  After eating tons of batter (which was REALLY good) and having a coffeecake muffin, my system is on sugar overload, which is making me feel a little sick.  I may cook up some butternut squash though, num!

I’m off to catch up on my Google Reader, I am so far behind on all of your blogs, sorry guys :(.  I am also watching the Vikings vs. 49er’s, GO VIKES!!!!

Oh, and tonight we are trying a new recipe that Mike picked out to try.  I have a feeling this one will be a winner at least!


19 responses to “Career Change

  1. Great job on bowling!! Sounds like fun 🙂

    Sunny is so adoreable.

  2. You gotta try the baked banana doughnuts from OhSheGlows site! OMG I made them this morning and they were amazing 🙂 🙂 I topped some with a peanut butter “icing” too (go figure) and they were healthy but decadant yummmmm. Sunny is so cute, aren’t doggies fun?!

    • Umm, baked banana doughnuts? I am headed to her site RIGHT NOW! I may need to make them this week… you can never make too much, right?

      Doggies are SO FUN. It is going so well too, a furry friend of my own is on the horizon I think 🙂

  3. I go to Vegas twice a year! (I live in Los Angeles, Ca) and it’s a blast everytime! Definitely go! I love walking around the strip, people-watching, eating good food and of course drinking way too much.

  4. Love bowling!

    Sorry about the coffee cakes 😦 Better luck next time.

    Check out my Las Vegas recaps in my May 2009 blog archives, if you’d like – I recapped my 21st birthday celebration 🙂

  5. We were planning on going to Vegas in November too! The weekend right before Thanksgiving. But I think we’re doing it in Jan/Feb instead.

  6. Bowling!! I haven’t been for forever, but I feel like good times are always had. 🙂 Have you been to Bryant Lake before? The food there is actually REDIC… in a very good way. Check out your menu!!

    Mmm what else was I going to say. Muffins look good. Puppy is adorable. And Toppers? I live in Uptown.. why have I not even heard of them?

  7. Well, those muffins look really good even though they didn’t taste really good. Being a professional bowler would be pretty snazzy!

  8. the muffins look great!

  9. Totally thinking a bowling career would be awesome. I’ll be your groupie and sing the song from Grease 2…”we’re gonna scooooooore tonight” (that sounds like a “TWSS” comment, but I assure you it’s directly linked to bowling!)

    cakes look awesome!

  10. kind of jealous of your bowling skills — when I DON’T get a gutter ball it’s a celebration. I totally vote you consider a career change 🙂

  11. Haha, I’m the exact same way about Topper’s. I am obsessed with Toppersticks!!!!! 🙂

  12. toppers = soooo dangerous. their toppers sticks are ridiculously good. soooo many of those were consumed back in college!

  13. I love vegas! I hope you get to go!

  14. Ah vegas would be so amazing! i’ve never been, but alot of my friends are venturing that way this year! supes jealous!

  15. Those coffee cakes looks sooo delish! I may just have to make them sometime!

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