Sunny’s Big Debut!


Look who has arrived!!!!  It is SUNNY!!!!!  As you can probably tell, Sunny is the cutest little Jack Russell Terrier on the planet 🙂  Her ‘mom’, Mike’s sister, dropped her off early this evening, and she hasn’t left my side since.
Sunny was a little nervous and crying a bit before Mike’s sister left, but now she is totally cool being a downtown dog hottie!  Look at how precious she is, she has already found her spot on the couch.
She’s smart too.  While we were talking to Liza, Sunny knew exactly where her toys and treats were…
Sunny is already doing great in our loft.  *cough* Ernest would do great too…  You will be seeing a lot more of Sunny during the next two weeks.  She loves the attention ;).
Mike and I were starving when we got home from work.  I was so hungry I forgot to photograph our snack that we had.  Grapes, cheese and crackers.  I totally wolfed it down.  We kind of spoiled our appetite though, neither of us were really hungry for dinner.
Since I needed to have something, I settled on a bagel with cream cheese and pumpkin butter, with a small scoop of Mike’s Velveeta mac.




Oh, and a sneak peek of our new dishes. You won’t be seeing these used until we get the complete set.


Pretttyyy sweet huh?

Okay, I am off to puzzle it up and hang out with Mike and Sunny. I will be sipping on a glass of red wine tonight, it is much needed. You can see a reflection of one of our light fixtures in my glass, completely planned…


Have a wonderful evening!

11 responses to “Sunny’s Big Debut!

  1. Cute puppy!!! I almost went for Mac & Cheese tonight but I was really lucky and my boy went to get us Thai take-out!

  2. SUNNY!!! What a cutie 😀

  3. love getting new dishes, cute dog too!

  4. I love sunny! what a gem!!! 🙂 I hope this means a doggie will be bought after this “trial” run! keepin my fingers crossed!

  5. Aww…such a cute dog!

  6. I love that dog!!! So cute 🙂 I had pumpkin butter + cream cheese again for dessert (no, not plain, on walnut bread – but don’t put it past me haha) — its sooooo goooooood

  7. awwwwww sunny is sooooo cute! I love puppers. i need to gets me some pumpkin butter that stuff is addicting. Love the new plates

  8. good luck with the dog! can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  9. Girl, your apartment looks bomb!
    Have fun with the pup 🙂

  10. ahh Sunny is such a gem! What a beautiful addition to your family 🙂

  11. have fun with sunny!

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