Work puts a damper on blogging

Morning friends! I got to make this snappy!

I didn’t get to blog at my regular time this morning due to our senior VP being in town. And guess where his office is? Yep, right next to my cube, yikes! 😦

I ran 4.5 miles in 45 minutes this morning at the gym. I wanted to go a bit longer, but I started to feel a little off, so I listened to my body signals and stopped!

Breakfast is pretty self explanitory, some Fage with peach


Some crack Udi’s Cranberry Granola


And a honeycrisp apple! ❤


Lunch is a wrap with hummus, black beans and feta


With some lettuce added on top. I will microwave this at lunch to make it hot!


All wrapped up


With a naner!


Ok, really got to jet!

Do you blog/read blogs at work?


8 responses to “Work puts a damper on blogging

  1. i do read blogs at work 🙂 luckily, i have a job where downtime is an okay thang, and my coworkers are cool!

    mmmmm yog + granola + fruit = best combo eva. have a good day at work girl!

  2. I do my mid-day post during lunchtime and catch up on some reading when I need a mental break! it happens 😉

  3. I like to check out blogs a little bit….especially when I’m on conference calls 🙂 Check out my Thai-themed blog!

  4. Yep, I read blogs at work. I always get comments on what a fast worker I am. So I guess it works out, haha.

    The wrap looks great!

  5. I blog/read blogs in class. Which is, admittedly, distracting, but I like to multitask!

  6. if i brought my computer to school i would be reading blogs all day long! hhehehe i can’t help it! i love reading em all!

  7. love la factory wraps 🙂

  8. ugh, who has time to work when there’s blogging to be done?! 😉

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