Evening Stroll

60% of the way through the week.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

I hope everybody’s day went well!  Mine was pretty decent, can’t complain.

It was a gorgeous evening here in the MSP, so Mike and I decided we needed to take a stroll, but where to?  Barnes and Noble was the lucky winner this evening.  This morning while reading People, I saw a book that I wanted to pick up, called Hungry.  Here is a link to the description.


After much discussion around blog land about body image on Tina and Angela’s blogs, whether it be celebrities or ourselves, I thought this would be a great read.

I also got suckered into a book by Emily Giffin called Something Borrowed.  Here is the link to this books description.


Oh how I love new books.  I really should get a library card so I don’t waste $40 on two books, but there is something about owning the books and adding to my book collection that I just love :).   Could be a worse addiction, right?

I’ll let you know how these books are once I start reading them.  I need to finish the book I am currently reading called Street Lawyer.  It is a pretty good read, not necessarily my kind of book though, I like the girlie girlie books.

Anyway, on to dinner.

I was craving a sweet potato when we got home from the bookstore.  So of course my meal was based around that!  What better to go on top than black beans I say?  Along with some feta and jalapeno, man these were spicy.



I also had some cottage cheese with cut up peach slices and banana slices.


All together now.


Oh, and a glass of red wine ;).  Which, you can totally see my baked potato in the reflection!


Looking back at my eats today, I must say, I was a total failure at getting in veggies.  Whoops!  I guess it just wasn’t happening for me today.  I would love to tell you all that I will have some veggies for dessert to make up for my lack of them during the day, but who am I kidding?  You know that will never happen!  Besides, I am on total nut butter withdrawal today, so dessert will most likely be a nut butter toast :).

I hope you all have a relaxing evening.  I am going to head on over to my Google Reader to play a little catch up, then read in bed.  Grandma, that is me, and damn proud of it!

What is your favorite book of all time? Mine is Eat, Pray, Love.   And… they are making a movie with Julia Roberts starring in it!

We couldn’t decided where we wanted to walk to, but ended up deciding to head to Barnes and Noble.


18 responses to “Evening Stroll

  1. My favorite book is Harry Potter. I still love it! I’ve been wanting to ready Hungry, so I’ll be excited to hear what you think of it!

  2. Favorite book = “The Shining” by Stephen King.

  3. Emily Griffin is awesome – I recently finished “Love the One You’re With” and it was soooooo freakin’ good!!!

  4. I’m not much of a reader but , I like Veggie girl, love Stephen King. I’ve also gotten so sucked into loving the Twilight series! Glad you had a nice stroll. Lurve sweet tatoes. You will be amazed on all the info out there about soy. It really turned me onto a cleaner life style (that and all the other junk thats in a lot of more processed foods

  5. love love love eat pray love!! and sweet potatoes with black beans is a classic combo–cant have my sweet potato any other way (unless it’s in fry form!) enjoy your night with your new books! 🙂

  6. That Hungry book sounds good. Along with your dinner. 🙂 I don’t know if I could pin point one book…I usually read about 4 at a time! I do however have 3 over-due books from the library though, thanks for the reminder!

  7. omg i have seen that book HUNGRY in the people magazine. it looks great!! my therapist mentioned it as well 🙂 and don’t feel guilty of buying those books girl!

  8. Eat Pray Love is a favorite of mine too. I read it while I was in Italy!

  9. I definitely need to get “Eat Pray Love” on my list. Picking one favorite is tough… Hmm… Maybe a Jodi Picoult one?

  10. I love that book! Something borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof…I think there might be another too. Soo good!

  11. i love spending time at barnes and nobles! seriously i could spend hours there and probably spend hundreds of dollars! I hope you love your reads!!!!!

    Your sweet potato inspired meal looks awesome!


  12. I LOVED Eat, Pray, Love…I think it is one of the only books I’ve ever wanted to reread. It’s cheesy but it really did give me a different perspective on parts of my life.

    That sweet potato looks so delish!

  13. I love owning my own books too. But I just got a library card because I had to put myself on a budget, haha.

    That sweet potato dish looks great. So creative!

    My fave books would either be The Poisonwood Bible or The Deer Park.

  14. ack I love Eat Pray Love! when she was in Italy eating that pizza? I damn near drooled all over myself.. okay, I DID drool all over myself! Can’t wait for the movie!

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