Furry friend?

To get a furry friend, or to not get a furry friend, that is the question… Keep reading to get to the end of the post!

On to this afternoon. Where did the past year go?  Since my one year anniversary of being at my job is coming up, my boss took me out to lunch today to catch up on the past year and see how I was feeling/where I was at. We went to a restaurant called Mission a few blocks from our office in downtown Minneapolis.

They don’t have the salad that I got on the menu, but I got the Steak Salad. It included roasted potatoes, roasted asparagus, blue cheese, steak and blue cheese dressing. It was divine. Along side they served fresh from the oven bread with whipped butter. It was a total foodie meal, I so wish I could have whipped out my camera!

This afternoon I had an unphotographed apple and a few Starburst. I was craving sugar, but not chocolate. What was wrong with me? Thankfully my co-worker saved the day!


Then of course, work was work this afternoon.  Nothing too great to report there.

Tonight, I was totally craving a ‘not so good for you’ dinner. I have been pretty good lately, so hey, you only live once, why not go with what my body was wanting. Mike bought a frozen pizza the other weekend: Tombstone Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza. Sounds pretty dang good huh? Oh, and it was. So good, but so bad. I savored every bite. ❤

I had two slices, plus a few snagged bites of Mike’s crust, the best part.



Look at this cheese filled crust, swoon…


Don’t worry, I had some grapes on the side to get some fruit and vitamin’s in :).


The question tonight is based upon the fact that Mike and I are *thinking* of possibly visiting a English Bulldog breeder for a furry friend. We both are huge animal lovers and love the good old English. I’ll keep you posted ;).

Look at this guy, so ugly he’s cute huh?


And the puppies? You know you just want to cuddle with this guy…


We are getting his sister’s Jack Russell Terrier, Sunny, for two weeks while they are out of the country starting this weekend. And, of course Sunny will be making my blog posts during those two weeks, she is adorable. So we are going to see how that goes!

Are you a cat or a dog person? What is your favorite type of dog? My all time favorite dog is a Golden Retriever. My childhood dog Maggie will always have a special place in my heart.


14 responses to “Furry friend?

  1. Aww what a cutie! Dogs are TONS of work, though. If you both work during the day, I would seriously take some time to consider it. Dogs are a lot of work, especially when they’re pups! Believe me, we went through it last summer.

    I’m just an all around animal person. Love cats and dogs 😀

    • Oh yea, we are very aware of the amount of work they are!

      We both grew up with them and all of our family members have had pups. We definitely wouldn’t get a dog or puppy without doing A LOT of research.

      And luckily, we are a 10 minute walk from work, so we could easily come home during lunch. That is the nice thing!

  2. Dog person alllll the way! Check my blog 😉

  3. that puppy is so so so adorable!

  4. I am totally a dog person!!! I love black labs 🙂 and obviously Lucy who has a lot of that in her! I had a toy poodle growing up, he was 5 pounds haha, so I’ll always love those lil’ yippers too 😉

  5. can you believe I have never had cheese crust pizza? I should get on that stat.

    I love dogs! I always wanted one when I was a younger but my sister is allergic, bah! Why can’t we just get rid of her? 😉

  6. OH my god! the bulldog! I am in love. I do hope you guys decide to get one and then I can read all about it and live vicariously through you until we get one of our own!

  7. omg bulldogs are my favorite. get one! 🙂

    mmm pizza sounds so good right now! i’m comin for leftovers 😉


  8. omg you should so get a puppy 😉

  9. I LOOOOOVE dogs. My boyfriend and I have always said that we want to get an English Bulldog for when we are still young, and then get more of a “family” type dog (like a lab) when we have kids (someday…far far away haha!)

  10. Ooooh, get the dog!!!!! SO cute, I love bulldogs!

  11. Aww puppy sitting! And pizza…YUM.
    My fave kind of dog is a husky…I love their coloring and I think they’re just the right size.

  12. I say get the puppy! Since you’re both used to taking care of one it will be so fun! My boyfriend and I got a boxer in May and it’s been so awesome to have her, and to have someone to take care of together!

  13. That salad sounds awesome!

    I like dogs and cats! My fave dogs are King Cavalier Spaniels and boxers. Very opposite breeds, haha. I want a dog SOOO bad but it’s not the right time yet.

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