Can never get enough

Happy hump day! That’s right friends, we’ve made it halfway through the work/school/whatever you do each day, week!

Thank you for all of the encouragement on the furry friend last night. We definitely understand it would be a large undertaking, but one that we are definitely willing to partake in :). I will definitely keep you updated. And… only 2 more days until you get to meet Sunny!

This morning I headed to the gym and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, partaking in various resistance levels. It was a pretty standard workout, nothing too exciting to report there.

However, I do have a delicious breakfast to report on. And yes, it is similar to yesterdays breakfast that included cream cheese and pumkin butter, although, it is slightly different.

The base is one of the fruit and nut bagels I bought this past weekend.



With this concoction to smoother the bagel…


What is this un-appetizing photo you ask? Well it is this combo:




= ❤ ❤ ❤

Sorry if you guys sick of this, but it is going to be making *many* apperances.

Lunch is leftover pizza from last night.  I will probably eat this cold, I love cold leftover pizza.  Especially when the cheese gets hard :). What about you?


A better cheese stuffed crust photo, this is way better than last night!


And a lovely pear. I forgot the name of this type of pear, but I have never had this variety before. I can’t wait to try it, the skin is kind of fuzzy!


This fabulous Larabar will finally be making an appearance for a snack this afternoon.


Lots of meetings today. What is your day looking like?


11 responses to “Can never get enough

  1. i have not had a bagel and cream cheese in so long, so i think this combo is amazing! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear the decision on the dog! i think you’ll be a great mommy! 🙂

    i gotta get a run in soon! except its supposed to be Fall in Michigan, but its 80 outside? so confused hahaha

    have a great day girl!

  2. No meetings here, but lots of work to be done!

  3. It looks like a Bosc pear? Maybe?…

  4. lots of mtgs here today too!!! Have a great one 🙂

  5. and I thought I was the only one who loved cold leftover pizza! It’s seriously the besssssst!

  6. pumpkin plus cottage cheese is awesome. I love seeing it over and over!

  7. wow! that combo looks great 🙂

  8. Love the cream cheese/pumpkin butter creation!

  9. yummmyyyy…I kinda copied your combo last night on crackers. Amazing! Hope your busy day went well and that you enjoyed the Lara!

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  11. Can’t wait to meet Sunny!

    I love the peanut butter and jelly larabar- so good!

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