It is truly Fall!

Ahhh, it is time to relax after this post. I think I am going to sit in my bed with my laptop and catch up on all of your fabulous blogs. I feel like I am so far behind in reading, yikes!

So today was a loooong day at work.  The first time I looked down at the clock, it was seriously already 12.   I scarfed down my lunch and the next time I looked down it was 5:30.  I was too busy to even think about having my delicious PB&J Larabar.  If I am not thinking about food, you know this girl is swamped.

Needless to say, you can about imagine how starving I was by the time I got home.  I debated having my Larabar at 5:30, but decided I would ruin my appetite.  I got home and Mike gave me three options for dinner since I told him I didn’t feel like cooking :).

  1. Frozen pizza
  2. Velveeta Mac n’ Cheese
  3. Hormel Chili Master Chipotle Chicken Chili

Hormel is one of Mike’s clients, so he is a bit partial ;).  I chose chili because: it is semi-fall like outside for the first time today, it took close to zero prep time and I had cheddar cheese and sour cream on hand.  We also had the fabulous ciabatta bread to toast up in the oven with a little cheddar cheese melted on top..


Close up.  This chili had lots of beans in it which, of course, I adored.  However, there weren’t very many ‘chicken’ pieces, and the pieces that were ‘chicken’ tasted a bit too fake for me.  Also, for it being ‘chipotle’ flavored, it had no kick to it at all.  But for a quick and filling meal, I would definitely buy this variety again.  Next time I would maybe venture to try one of their other flavors though.


I had to share this photo of my toasted up bread; a little cheese goes a long way.  It is pretty stellar when the melty cheese gets in the nooks of the bread.


That is about it for me today.  I am going to have some cake balls later on to wrap up my evening eats.

I’m going to leave you with something to ponder.  You can let me know now, or you can let me know after you have thought about this for a few days.  I am wanting to educate myself on topics that span the nutrition and fitness categories.  But part of this education also includes sharing my findings and knowledge I gain with you.

What are some topics that you would be interested in learning more about in the nutrition and fitness subjects? Feel free to reply with as many ideas as you’d like.  They can be broad, specific, funny, boring… pretty much anything and everything.  There is no stupid or silly question that could be asked and researched.  While some readers have either a nutrition or fitness background, many of us don’t.  So why not share the love, eh?

Nighty night!

9 responses to “It is truly Fall!

  1. mmm cheesy chili is definitely the best ever! Enjoy those cake balls–those pics of them look mighty tasty omg 🙂

  2. ahhhh chili is my fave fall food by far! i don’t think i have ever made homemade toast with melted cheese, but trust me, i have a block of pepperjack in the fridge – it is calling my name!

  3. yummy chili! seems like everyone in the blog world is having chili today since fall begins tomorrow!

  4. everyone is having chili and now i really want some! 🙂

    i want to learn more about yoga! any tips?

  5. Velveeta…yum…guilty, but yum!

  6. oh gosh- sounds like an incredibly long/busy day! Glad to hear you made it through!! Very sweet of the man to prep din din for you! Tonight was such a chili/soup night!

    hmm topics of interest- soy (benefits and negatives), calorie balance (fat/protein/carbs), new forms of exercise

  7. oooh, i can’t wait for chili! I emailed you last night, but now my email is down with all of these changes……eek!

  8. Chili sounds good right now, I’m freezing!

    Sorry about your long work day. Hope the rest of the week is better!

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