Here we go again!

Here’s to another start of the work/school week :).

I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning in order to see if I was feeling any better and to base my decision on the gym off of that. Well, I woke up starving, yep, my appetite is back folks! I immediately went into the kitchen and smeared a big spoonful of almond butter on some bread. The ‘snack’ was gone in a matter of seconds. Then, off to the gym I went.

I took it ‘easy’ at the gym this morning due to having felt a little off the past few days. I think my body needs a little bit of a break and needs to slowly get back into the swing of things. I did: 4.5 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill. I also did a 10 minute cool-down walk as well.

Now I am at work, sitting in my cube, about to make my breakfast in our kitchen. Here is what we got:

Cracklin’ Oat Bran


Pumpkin Butter


A naner


And Fage


This stuff is really packin’ in the protein. I love it.


Lunch is, you guessed it, leftovers from last night.  I probably will even eat this cold. I love cold leftover pasta. Anybody else?


And an apple. I need to eat up these small braberns before I dig into my Honeycrisps.


For snack this afternoon, I packed a PB&J Larabar!! I can’t even contain my excitement. Have you tried this flavor yet?


When I was walking to work, I was reading Jenna’s post this morning on my phone. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should. I talks about following your passion and doing what you really want to be doing, not what makes the most money, is the most glamorous, etc.

 I am sure I will be sitting in my cube today wondering if I am really living my dream. I love marketing, and someday want to be a product manager for, what else, other than a food company ;).

I also love food and cooking though. Hmmm… It is something to at least think about. However, I think I need to look into how I can incorporate those two interests into more of a ‘second job’ or activity outside of work to fulfill my passions.

Two questions for you today:

Are you living your passion?

What is your favorite kind of apple?


13 responses to “Here we go again!

  1. JUST finished eating my favorite apple = Jonagold 🙂

  2. favorite apple = macintosh (freshly picked by moi from an orchard) 🙂

    i also will have a cubicle job when i graduate this summer – but my dream is to make it a corner office 😉 jenna’s post was truly inspiring, i agree!!

    ps i had oats with pumpkin + almond butter + almond milk for bfast. loooove that tj’s butter

  3. The pbj are really good — however nothing beats the coconut cream pie flavor for me still! 🙂

  4. I’m not really a huge apple fan. But I want to try honey crisp really bad!

    I love cold pasta too.

    I’m definitely not living my dream as far as my actual job goes, but I try to write as much as I can and do as many freelance/sides jobs as I can to feel fulfilled. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in 5 years 🙂

  5. Pink Lady is my fav. apple, yum yum yum!

    I’m not quite sure I’ve discovered my passion yet…

    Have a great day!

  6. omg – Cracklin’ Oat Bran is!!!! I LOVE IT! I completely forgot it existed until I just saw it here!

    Doing what I’m passionate about – mmm, no. But, it’s a living and I don’t hate it, so it’s good for now!

    Fave apple has GOT to be Honeycrisp! 😀

    • Yea, this cereal is pretty much the shizzz… 🙂

      I am a soggy cereal girl, so I love to let it sit in milk and half & half and get all mushy!

  7. Totally agree on the cold pasta thing. I really like cold noodles. I read Jenna’s post today too. Really inspirational and made me look to myself to create positive change in my life. Have a fun and ponderous Monday!

  8. YAY I’m glad you’re feeling much better 🙂 And yes cold pasta is deeeelicious. Hot is more satisfying to me, but cold just tastes so wonderful!

    I’m currently still in school, but I’m studying my passion – nutrition! I hope to get into my field of choice once I graduate (sports nutrition).
    And the best apple is Fuji!! Crisp and sweet 🙂

    Have a wonderful Monday love!

  9. i love red deliciuos, Fuji, and Gala apples 🙂

  10. I just had that PBJ lara today, I am literally infatuated with it!

    I love all apples — except Granny smith.. too sweet for my taste!

  11. pink ladies are myf av appleeee 🙂 YUM!!! and i just bought myself some pumpkin butter too, perfect for fall!

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