Heavy Legs

Hurray for Wednesday πŸ™‚

Man my legs are feeling heavy and a bit tight this morning. I woke up and had a strong urge to go for a long run. Not sure what got into me because I never feel like running two days in a row, let alone two long runs in a row.

But since I had the desire (and that is rare), I went with it. I’m not doing a good job on cutting down my miles am I? Next week :).

This morning at the gym, I did another 7 miles in 66 minutes. It felt amazing! I’m thinking tomorrow or Friday will be a rest day, and the other day will be reserved for my new favorite workout, YOGA!

For breakfast this morning, I packed a waffle sammie, inspired by Tina’s breakfast yesterday. I also packed a yogurt. Oh how I wish this was Chobani :(.


My waffle sammie consisted of three ‘smears’. The first two were almond butter and honey. I promise there are two spoonfuls of AB, they just got into the nooks and crannies which is the best in my book


The other side has some raspberry jam


All together now!



For lunch I brought a leftover enchilada. I am a bit obsessed, what can I say. Do you blame me though, I mean, these are rolls of love.

Let’s just say that my roll of love got a little deconstructed while transporting it to my lunch container. So instead of an unappetizing photo, I’ve insterted the photo from Cooking Light.


On the side, I packed a bag of grapes. I did a close up for ya though. Look at how big and crisp these are. The best I’ve bought all season.


What is your favorite magazine?My guilty pleasure magazines are People and US Weekly. My favorite health magazines are Self and Shape.

Have a fabulous day, hope the work/school day goes by fast for you!


10 responses to “Heavy Legs

  1. You are definitely clocking up miles this week! Do you run outside?

    I miss waffles! The sandwiches always look so good. I love enchiladas- mine never look pretty…but they taste good and that’s what counts.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Great job on the run! Whew!

    Your waffles look really good πŸ™‚ Love a waffle sammie!

  3. Being the uber-cooking-nerd I am I love to read: Cooking Light, Gourmet, Bon Appetit πŸ™‚ I also love health/exercise mags aka Self, etc. Enjoy enchilada round 2!!!

  4. Rolls of love! Lol. I hate when that happens. I bet it tastes amazing thought!

  5. MMM your waffle sammie looks outta this world! i need to fix myself one very soon! my fav magazines of choice are anything fashion related. i bought a new one a while ago and havent even had the chance to get to it yet. thanks for reminding me! hhaha


  6. Waffles sammies=super yumminess! Great run today…66 mins..wow!

  7. I need to try a waffle sandwich, though I envision something more savory…..

    US magazine is my escape, ESPN the magazine is a weekly habit, Real Simple anytime:)

  8. Awesome job on the run! And the waffe sandwich looks SOOO good!

  9. wafflewich! sooooo much better than bread πŸ™‚

    congrats on that run girl – you’re awesome!

  10. the waffle sandwich looks great!!

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