Unwelcome guest(s)

Wow, what a morning… Where do I even start? Maybe with this?


Isn’t that sign adorable? It is a perfect saying to have in my household. While I didn’t have cake, banana bread does a pretty good job as well, for more on that, keep reading :).

Let’s just say we have an ‘unwelcome guest’ in our new place. When Mike got home last night he thought he saw this guest (no, not a mouse…). This morning, when I was doing yoga, I thought I saw a spider. I went closer and realized that it is our ‘guests’ droppings. Since then, we have found many more droppings from our guest(s). Lovely, huh?

We have tried to call numerous ‘pest control’ companies, all with no luck since it is a Sunday. So, we are headed out to Mike’s parents until the situation clears. 1) Because I am terrified. 2) For health reasons. I may be being a big baby, but, I am ubber grossed out.

A month into moving into our dream pad and we are having this issue along with the whole power outage issue, which at this point, is a minor concern 😉 Gahh! Oh well, I need to remember things could be way, WAY worse!

So today was supposed to be our big grocery shopping day since we have close to nothing in our fridge. However, since we don’t know when our ‘issue’ will get resolved, I didn’t want to go and get a bunch of fresh food to have it go to waste.

I lost my appetite pretty early in the morning, and just finally decided I needed something to eat. I baked up a loaf of banana bread, since that is literally, one of the only things to eat! Before we leave I probably will have a bowl of cereal as well.




My slice, which I added some butter to after the photo. Pippin’ hot out of the oven.


The chocolate chips were a much needed addition this a.m.

Tonight we are headed out to celebrate Mike’s dad’s bday at his favorite burger joint, Lions Tap. They are a pretty famous joint around the cities, have won numerous awards and is nationally recognized as well.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog next :(. I am hoping tomorrow evening we’ll be back home with access to all of my blogging equipment!

What is the worst house/living issue you’ve ever faced?

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, GO VIKINGS!!!!!


10 responses to “Unwelcome guest(s)

  1. Bummer! Worst housing issue: A few summers ago, my fiance got stuck in an AWFUL apartment while on internship. He had mice, the water smelled like rotten eggs and turned the brand-new white shower orange, his landlords tried to get him to pay for an extra 3 months when he wasn’t even going to live there, and they consistently covered his car in snow when they plowed the lot!

    Hopefully pest control can come out to your apartment ASAP tomorrow morning!!

  2. we bought our new house at a great deal as a foreclosure, it was in great shape and they had started upgrading everythig including new floors and granite counters, however we came to find out w/in the first few weeks that our water heater was broken and piped wrong (day after move-in!) then we had a leak in our kitchen which resulted in a large hole the span of the kitchen! There are always hitches w new places girl, ya’ll will get thru it and bc u did so together be even stronger after!!! Im crossin my fingers for u 2 🙂

  3. oh gosh…..good luck with getting rid of the unwanted visitor! The nana bread looks sooo good. Yayy for the NFL!

  4. yuckkkkk.. nothing like a hunk of poopie to really mess with your yoga flow, right? sorry about that girl – hope the little devil gets the heck outta thurr asap!

  5. yikes sorry about that girl! we’ve had that same issue before but only in the winter. hope it gets figured out asap!


  6. Eeeeek! I saw some “guest droppings” in our garage a couple of weeks ago – we haven’t seen anything since (thank goodness!) but you’re right, it’s just unnerving!!

  7. Ewww gross!!! (not the banana bread of course 😉 ). I once came downstairs to find an alive mouse stuck to a sticky trap. He was all bloody and sick and yuck!! Worst thing was, my favorite running shirt had somehow gotten stuck to the trap, so it had mouse hair & blood all over it. Yuck!!!

  8. What a bummer, I hope you get everything worked out soon! We are having water issues in our building….it’s always something, huh?

  9. Oh my goodness, sorry about that. Hope everything gets fixed soon! I hate housing trouble. I’m currently battling an ant problem.

    The banana bread looks great!

  10. ohhhh looks like you had a fun weekend! banana bread with buttah is the best!

    good luck with everything!

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