Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Hello again, wowza, Minneapolis is hoppin’. It is the city to be in today :).

Getting to the gym was like an obstacle, going around barricades, going under street blockers, the whole dealio. I should have taken my camera with me though, because you should see the line, crazy! I’ll have to report back once Mike gets home on how it was.

I got in an amazing run at the gym. I feel like a new person! I did 10.3 miles in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Can I get a whoop whoop?

This is what I felt like today… he he


On the way home, I was severely craving one of my new addictions, Heart Healthy Blend cereal. Cereal with milk is okay, but cereal with milk and a splash of real half and half is out of this world! So, to the corner market I went! And look what I got suckered into buying…



Yep, a raspberry bismark, my FAVORITE. When I was little, I would eat out all of the jelly, then eat the ‘outside’ of the donut (ok, maybe I still do that to this day). I eat things really weird… Have I told ya’ll how I eat pizza?

I had half and saved the other half for my beau.

Ok, so the above photo is why I have been NAUGHTY! However, it would be one thing if I was eating this way everyday and for multiple meals. But, I’m not…

I have had a lot of fun events (and errr… times of no willpower, like at the corner store!) going on the past few weeks, which have involved some good guilty pleasure food. However, when I indulge, I take a smaller portion and don’t eat a typical serving. That is one way that I am still able to enjoy these foods, but yet maintain my healthy lifestyle. 😉

Also, we are finally going to go to the grocery store tomorrow, so I will be going wild buying all the fresh produce I can get my hands on! There will be healthy, homecooked meals starting next week, I promise!

Again, I don’t feel guilty about what I have been eating. However, this is a healthy living blog, so I felt that I needed to explain my indulgences, and how I work them into my everyday eats.

Moving on to my bowl of love.



Twas delish.

I will be snacking throughout the afternoon I am sure, since I did run my booty off this morning. Once Mike gets home, I think we will probably have a late lunch, then head over to campus. EEEKKK! I am such a football freak, especially for my alma mater, the University of Minnesota!

There will probably be many drinks consumed as well as delicious bar food. You only live once I say.

What is your favorite sport to watch? Who is your favorite college team or professional team?


10 responses to “Naughty, naughty, naughty!

  1. I have never had a raspberry bismark! Me thinks I need to find one stat! Unfortunately California seems to be partial to the regular jelly filled donuts.

    And you have a great attitude about “being naughty.” I love it!

  2. o girl that donut looks amazing! I’ve never been a huge fan of donuts, but if i had to choose i would get a chocolate glazed one! obviously anything chocolate is my favorite! 🙂 hahaha have a great day

  3. major props to saving half for your boyf — that takes major will power!

    have a good one honepie!

  4. What is going on in MPLS?!?!

    Go goldy!!!

  5. I am SO jealous you’re going to the Gopher game! Although I admit.. I wanted to see the stadium more than the game. 🙂 That’s the former architect in me! In terms of college sports, I’m a Gopher fan through and through.

    Have a great time! Tell me what the stadium is like!!

  6. Haha guess I should have read your previous post first.. you’re watching it at a bar! Either way, have a blast!

  7. You went that long on a treadmill?!?! Holy moly girl! Enjoy the rest of your day!!

    My fave team is the SF Giants. I’m not big into college sports or football.

  8. Love your raspberry bismark, we all deserve an indulgence once in a while.
    Can’t wait for the Gopher game too, my brother has seson tickets inside, but being a student it was easy for him to get in!
    Great job on the run!

  9. Whoop whoop on the 10 miles! I don’t know how you do that on a treadmill. Kudos to you girl.

    The jelly bismark used to be (and yeah, still is) my favorite donut too 😀

    My fav sport to watch is football!

  10. GREAT job on the run girl- you rock! Special treats are more than ok! I’m so excited for football! Fav teams, college= Penn State, pro= New England

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