Busy day in MN

Happy Saturday everybody!

Minneapolis is going to be buzzing with activity today. Our dear Mr. President will be in town at the Target Center. Mike and his sister left *very* early this morning to go wait in line to see him; it is on a first come first serve basis.

My gym is actually in the Target Center, so when I head over there in a bit, I will be able to see the activity!

The Twin’s also play today, and the GOPHERS PLAY!!! It is pretty exciting, because they are back on campus in their new gorgeous stadium!


I have some change of plans for this afternoon, our pedal pub got cancelled (:() due to people canceling. So instead, a few of us are going to head to campus to watch the game in a bar, could get interesting!

My stomach is feeling a tad bit off this morning, but I needed at least some fuel for my run. So I toasted up half of an Arnold’s Thin and topped it with some almond butter.


I am also going to grab some dried fruit to bring along in case I need a pick-me-up or some fuel during my run.

Good luck to Caitlin, Meghann and Kelly in their 5k this morning!

What are you up to today?

5 responses to “Busy day in MN

  1. Thats so cool. Hope you get to see a glimpse of Mr. President!

    SO happy it’s the weekend. I’m totally resting today in prep for my 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning.

    Have a great weekend hun!

  2. Wow, pretty cool to have the Prez in town! Today the man has to work, so I’m doin food shopping and working out while he is gone 🙂 Have fun watchin the game!

  3. jeeze louise sounds like Minni-appz is where it’s at today!

    today I shall be helping my sissy move in to her new pad and doing tons and tons of reading, thanks for asking 🙂

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