Not enough almond butter!

Happy Thursday folks! I woke up today and sprung out of bed thinking it was Friday… you can imagine my disappointment when I realized it was Thursday. Oh well, at least its not Wednesday!

I seriously contemplated not going to the gym after realizing it was Thursday. All I wanted to do was head back into my cozy bed. However, I gave myself a pep-talk and since I was already awake, to the gym I went!

At the gym I did 7 miles in 66 minutes. I alternated between three minutes at a pace of 6.6 mph and two minutes at 6.2 mph; the intervals keep me from getting too bored! The run this morning was a little tough. My hypothesis? Not enough almond butter yesterday- more specifically- last night!

Since I am not training for a race at this time, I have decided I am going to not push myself as hard as I have been. You probably have noticed many of my runs range from the 5-10 mile range, which at this point, isn’t necessary.

Moving forward, I plan on doing two short runs (4-5 miles) and one long run (7 miles) a week. I will also accompany this with yoga, ellipitical and the 30 Day Shred two days a week.

Today, I did however run 7 miles due to another weekend of potential splurging. Tonight we are going to happy hour with Jodi and Luke, tomorrow night is ‘deep dish pizza’ night (most likely) in our household, Saturday I have the pedal pub and Sunday we are going out to eat for Mike’s dad’s birthday. Due to all of these extremely fun shenanigans, I needed the extra burn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a-okay with gaining a few pounds, because at the end of the day, it all evens out. But since my body has been having a workout with all of the extra ‘good eats’ lately ;), I thought I would help it out this morning!

To re-fuel, I had a bagel: half with almond butter and half with chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter (sounds really out there, but I promise it is good!). On the side, I had a baggie of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate chips.





Since we still haven’t been to the grocery store, we are running low on lunch options. Today I did the best that I could; a turkey sammie with cheddar cheese and mustard, a banana and some whole-grain Ritz crackers. I need to head over to Tina’s site to read up more on the NuVal system. I wonder how these crackers would rate on the NuVal scale?

Melissa, I love the concept of this system. Can’t wait to read up on it! Did any of you read Tina’s post on this?



Naner’s getting brown already. But I like mine kind of mushy. LOL.



What is your go to breakfast? Are you a front loader or a back loader with your calories?

I am a back loader. I like big dinners and have to have dessert every.single.night. I am starting to get bored with my morning eats though. Any ideas for a smaller sized breakfast that will hold me over and pack a punch? Lunch ideas are also welcome!

Have a wonderul day my friends!

16 responses to “Not enough almond butter!

  1. Where did you get that chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter? That sounds so yummy! I love bagels, especially when they are fresh from the bakery.

  2. I tend to pack my cals in the morning/early afternoon bc I am always wayyy more hungry then for some reason? My go to breakfast that I have like everyday (creature of habit?) is oats, smashed banana, syrup or agave & peanut butter yumm! Lovin’ the workout schedule with the yoga and J.M. btw! šŸ™‚ And just think….we’re almost to Friday whoop whoop!

  3. i’m totally with you on doing intervals to keep from getting bored! awesome 7 mile run today. i think your fitness philosophy is really balanaced–if you know you’re going to be indulging, just work a little bit harder–it really does all even out in the end.

    I’m definitely a front loader–love HUGE breakfasts in the morning, and gradually get smaller with my meals as the day goes on–just a personal preference šŸ™‚

    and i need to know where this chocolate chip cookie dough PB is (it’s my dream flavor!) have a great day lady šŸ™‚

  4. hmm my “food loading” tendencies vary on the day.. If i’m busy then I try to eat a monster breakfast.. but if I’m just chillaxing I usually am a back loader — gives me something to look forward to šŸ™‚

    Have a good Wednesday.. I mean, thursday šŸ˜‰

  5. you ought to check this out too!!!
    the NuVal system was interesting but you ought to check this out on cereals! šŸ˜›

  6. NEVER enough almond butter šŸ™‚ sounds like a fun weekend ahead!

    i am a morning loader – i usually don’t feel go if i go to bed too full!

  7. Doesn’t that PB taste like a Reese’s cup?!

  8. Oh my goodness – cookie dough PB? Where do you find that, it sounds amazing!?

    My go-to breakfast is almost always oatmeal

  9. i’m a def back loader because i love dinner and love snacks at night!!!!!

    hopefully your day is going well šŸ™‚

  10. I’m DEF a back-loader. I eat big dinners no matter what so I have a Green Monster every morning. They are only about 350 cals and somehow keep me tided over throughout the morning. I think it’s because I can sip on them for a long time. I don’t have a huge appetite in the morning though.

  11. That is still an awesome run in my book!
    And WHAT–cookie dough PB?! That doesn’t sound out there…it sounds heavenly!
    It’s been so long since I’ve been in a US grocery store that I didn’t realize they made whole wheat Ritz crackers now! That is awesome.

  12. That peanut butter sounds amaaaaaaazing! šŸ˜€ What brand is it?

    My meals are pretty equal in terms of calories- I used to eat more in the evenings, but now spread things out better (I get up around 5 and eat almost immediately then don’t get another chance to eat until 12 or so, so a small breakfast doesn’t cut it for me!)

  13. cookie dough pb?!? sounds fabbb! where did you find this?!? i MUST know šŸ™‚

  14. Cookie dough peanut butter doesn’t sound weird at all!! I have to admit that I am a front-loader most of the time. I really love big breakfasts, and most of the time I’ll have something light for dinner because I hate going to bed really full. Hmm…smoothies are always good options for me for light breakfasts. Or, a bowl or cereal. Or, a small bowl of yogurt with granola….just some ideas! Have fun grocery shopping when you get around to it.

  15. Great job on the run! Your post-run treat just sounds decadent!

    I think I’m an all day calorie loader LOL. I like to have a big breakfast, a fairly small lunch, and a big dinner – with snacks spread throughout.

    Have fun this weekend!

  16. I did check out the NuVal scale on Tina’s post! Very interesting, and not impressed with some of Kashi’s cereal ratings.

    I’m with Paige– an all day calorie loader! But I really like big breakfasts.

    Breakfast suggestions? Oatmeal! It’s my fav– you can pimp it out in so many ways!

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