Power outage

Hey guys. Gahhh, we had a power outage in just our unit for the past two and half hours. So after sitting on the phone with the power company and our property management, we finally got our power back.

Luckily, we had just finished cooking dinner right when the power went out, so we were able to eat while it was still light out. I had also just whipped up some batter for Quick and Easy Banana Oat Muffins, which are just now finally making it into the oven.

Ok, I know I have been a little obsessive with muffins lately, but Super Target doesn’t believe in selling banana’s that aren’t bagged and in bunches of twenty ten. And since these babies were all ripe, I had to use some to bake with before they went bad :).

Lunch was a Subway turkey sandwich and an apple. Snack was a banana with a spoonful of a new jar of white chocolate peanut butter I got from Target today. Good god I have an obsession. You could taste the little bits of white chocolate. Darn good.

In other news, I am taking part in Jenna’s challenge to eat more fresh, less processed, less sugar, all around healthier foods. As she stated, she isn’t trying to diet (neither am I), but this is more to feed and fuel our bodies in a healthier way. Since I won’t be doing a huge grocery trip until this weekend, I won’t officially start with the challenge until then, but I will be starting with baby steps.

I have gotten into a rut of granola bars for an afternoon snack. While there is nothing wrong with a granola bar, I was very proud of myself for having a banana today!

This mindset then lead to a great, fresh dinner as well! Spinach salad with grapes, feta cheese and a veggie burger. Topped with raspberry vinaigrette. On the side, a four cheese rice, and the ‘butt’ of a loaf of bread. All around, not too shabby!




As I said earlier, I just put some muffin’s into the oven! Mwuahahaha 😉 I haven’t tried them before, but apparently they got 5 out of 5 stars, so they better be good. And they are pretty healthy too! Score!


You know I will be having one of these smeared with a little almond butter for dessert.

Well my goal tonight was to get caught up on my Reader since I am so behind from this weekend. I also wanted to work on my new domain blog, but alas, none of that is going to happen. I’m not feeling 100%, so I am going to go lay in bed and watch Madmen instead. 🙂

Night blog world! Sweet dreams!

6 responses to “Power outage

  1. I’m gonna try to work in Jenna’s challenge too! Getting alot of fruits/veggies during the fall and winter months is always harder for me vs. summer since I love summer freshness, so I want to try using some more seasonal fresh stuff! Also cut down on chocolate and wine :/ Now that is a challenge! Glad you got your power back 🙂

  2. i’ve been wanting to make those muffins forever!! hope they turn out as good as they sound!

    • They are just kind of meh. They are lacking flavor a bit. If I were to make them again, I probably would add some chocolate chips or blueberries to give it a bit more punch.

      But overall, for a healthy muffin, not too shabby. 🙂

  3. 2 and 1/2 hours is such a long time! Horrible!

  4. Ah i hate power outages! glad its back!

    your going to do amazing on the eating clean challenge from Jenna! You go girl! 🙂


  5. Banana muffins are the best! Sorry for the power outage 😦

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