Cubicle dance

Hey friends. I am doing a little dance in my cubicle, because it is Wednesday already!!! Whoohooo!

This morning, I arose at 5:45 and headed to the gym for 45 minutes on the elliptical on intensity level 17. To cool down, I did an easy five minutes on the stationary bike. Overall, a great workout.

Breakfast this morning incorporates one of the muffins I made last night. Which, I just realized I forgot to upload the image. You can image it though!

Once at work, I crumbled muffin and mixed it with some yogurt and granola. Talk about a burst of refreshing flavors. I love yogurt mess bowls. Especially when they incorporate two types of healthy carbs :).



Have any of you ever tried this brand of granola before- Udi’s?? My mom sent this bag home with me since I couldn’t stop raving about it!

It is very light and sweet, with chunks of walnuts and large cranberries.

Now, I am really wanting to try making my own granola, but this will be a great backup. Here are the nutritionals:


Not too bad in my book!

For lunch, I packed leftover’s from last night. By the time the power went back on, that was the easiest and healthiest thing I could think of. I’m trying to keep in mind Jenna’s challenge!


I also packed on some fruit to snack on with breakfast and lunch. These grapes are c.r.i.s.p. I love em’. Like Meghann had mentioned a few weeks ago, I could definitely eat a whole bag if I wasn’t careful ;).



Do you belong to a gym? If so, what is your favorite thing to do at the gym? If not, where and how do you fit in your exercise?

I belong to a gym, partly because I live in the tundra of Minnesota. During the winter when we hibernate, I need the gym as a place to fit my exercise in, since it is nearly impossible to do it outside.

At the gym, I must admit, I love the treadmill. Especially since it is planted right in front of a tv; makes it so easy to catch up on world news! I also want to start switching things up by going to more group classes.

Have a fabulous day in whatever you are doing! Ta ta for now!

13 responses to “Cubicle dance

  1. strawberry cheesecake yogurt! are you kidding me? Ahh amazing!

    Glad you got to the gym this morning! its such a good way to start your day! 🙂

    I don’t belong to a gym, but my university has one, so i use that! Does the job! haha

  2. Hey girlie! I belong to the trusty YMCA — and I LOVE their classes especially kickboxing/kickit+core and cardio3 oh yeaaaa!!! Btw your pix in this post aren’t all showing up for me? Maybe it’s my computer… just wanted to let you know though…!

    • I need to try kick-boxing again. I hurt my knee doing it a few years ago (same bum knee) and haven’t tried it since!

      Weird! I just double checked and made sure they were all showing up. Let me know if you can’t see my photos from tonights post.

  3. how i just found your blog – i don’t know. i am a Minnesotan born and raised too! although i just moved to Madison, i visit all the time. lovely to see a fellow Midwestern around these parts 🙂

  4. Hoooooray for Wednesday! Looks like a yummy bfast! You totally must try making your own granola! Its so easy and cheap!Yes, I “belong” to a gym. I get a free membership because I teach so I’m not sure that I really “belong” haha. I love teaching and taking group fitness classes and running on the indoor track

  5. i looove taking classes at the gym (kickboxing, zumba, body sculpt, spin, yoga etc.)! it keeps things interesting! otherwise ill be that girl watching the food network on the elliptical or laughing to herself while watching “Ellen” 🙂 that strawberry cheesecake yogurt looks ah-mazing–must get some of that goodness! have a great day girl

  6. I love the treadmill too. I need to make myself run outside more though.

    That granola has great stats! Most are over 250 cals for that serving size!

  7. I agree the granola is soooo good. I just recently discovered it, and I LOVE the honeyish taste to it. And I’ve been picking out all the walnuts. Yum!! Your muffins looks similar to mine, except I like your oats addition!

  8. Granola and yogurt rock my world. Never tried Udi’s- I am a die hard Bare Naked fan (that sounded dirty, lol).

    I can’t workout right now, but dancing is my thing. I did hip-hop, street and breakdancing 🙂 For now, I have to make do with walking. Or at least, I will again once my broken toe heals!

  9. umm okay so I’m calling my tarjey now and asking them why the heck they don’t have that yogurt! sounds like a dreaaaaaaaam!!

    Have you ever tried yoga or pilates chica? I highly recommend 🙂

  10. Being in Minneapolis too.. I REALLY value my gym membership. And now that school has started again, I have TWO gyms to choose from! I definitely love my LFT though.

    But.. I am NOT a treadmill girl. At. All. If you ever see me on one, you should take cover because there must be like a tornado outside or something. If I’m taking a group class, it’s usually spinning (or hip hop.. !!). Usually I just do my own thing though – Arc Trainer, that funny elliptical/stairs/free-motion thing, core, weights, the whole deal. I’m sorta a gym junkie. 🙂

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