Back at it

Afternoon friends. Hopefully everybody is enjoying their Sunday’s!

I slept so well last night. I got a good nine and half hours of sleep!

Once everybody was up and moving around, we decided a trip to the gym was necessary. As a pre-run snack, I had a almond butter and banana toast (on delicious sourdough!).

Look what I bought my mom yesterday 🙂

almond butter

Lucky lady huh? She had almond butter for the first time when she was visiting me this summer and loved it. So I found it only fitting to buy her a jar. My toast…

pre run snack

Once at the gym, I jumped on the treadmill and away I went! I covered 7 miles in 65 minutes. It felt so.darn.good.

My brother and Mike were playing some hoops at the gym, so my mom and I challenged them to a boys vs. girls, two-on-two challenge. We totally whooped their butts ;).

Since we got going a little late, by the time we got home it was noon. We were all starving, so we made a ‘brunch’. While our food was being prepared, my mom made us some protein shakes. In the mix:

-Two containers of yogurt
-Two peaches
-Two scoops protein powder


Mike was in heaven. I think these will be making some appearances back in MN.

For breakfast, I mixed up a big bowl of fruit for myself.

fruit bowl

Then decided it needed peaches, of course…

with peaches

In addition, I had a small portion of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with butter, almond butter and apricot jam for dippin’. All together:

all together

I’m very content! Off to lay in the pool and bronze myself. Later gators.

6 responses to “Back at it

  1. Props to Mom for trying the almond butter!! Love the stuff. And hooray for winning the basketball face-off!! 😀

  2. lovin that 7 miler u did today! congrats girlie! thats awesome!

    Girl power whippin the mens butts! 😉 hahaah

    brunch is totes the best, looks good girl!

    have a fun time at the pool!!!

  3. yummy breakfast, a swim sounds good right now. Weather is nice for the pool today too. besides the 5 minutes of rain that came out of nowhere! Now, its sunny again.

  4. you are offish the best daughter ever! I don’t think I could ever get my mom to talk almond butter, let alone ORGANIC almond butter — she is a loyal fan of Jif 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great morning! Almond butter, a great run, and family time. Can’t get better than that!

  6. Yummy brunch!! great RUN on the Tready!

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