This is the life

Oh man, I love being ‘home’. I don’t think it gets much better than this!

Now as a little bit of a back history, I did indeed grow up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. My mom moved to the burb’s of Dallas about four years ago. When she left initially, I was devistated, and actually went through a really tough time. But I am happy to report that it’s all gravy now!

People always ask me if coming here feels like home. My answer? Very much so! Home is always where my family is. It doesn’t feel any different to me than when my mom lived in Minnesota! Except for the fact that I am scheming on how to move to the big ‘D’. 😉

I woke up at 6:30 (what the heck is wrong with me?) and caught up on a few blogs before I headed out to get my ‘hair did’. I also made some blueberry muffins with a hint of lime before leaving as well! They were waiting for me as soon as I got home. 🙂

The boys were still sleeping at 10:45, they had a little fun last night ;). So, down the road from my mom’s neighborhood, there is a pony farm. I heard a humorous story at breakfast that they apparently went and tried to visit them last night. Crazies… I love it!

Nobody could decide what they wanted for breakfast. One of those mornings where everything sounded delicious. I, of course, incorporated one of my freshly baked muffins- I will post this recipe too!


The muffin was out of Cooking Light I believe. I really enjoyed it- the blueberries REALLY made the muffin though. Although I enjoyed it, I feel like it may need a little extra something to jazz it up if I were to make them again. Hmm, white chocolate chips would be the perfect fix me thinks.

With my muffin, I wanted to try Fiber One’s new cereal that my brother swears by.

fiber one

I mixed in some fresh blueberries, milk and some half and half.


Very tasty I must say. I am a soggy cereal fan, so I let it just chill for a bit, and gobbled it right up. This cereal may just become a staple in my cupboard.

My mom whipped up my brothers favorite thing in the world: a bagel sammie with two eggs, cheese and sausage. Look at that beast! I had a few bites…

egg sammie

Ok, we are off to SHOP. Then we are off to a wine bar for some wine sampling. Eekk! We are going to a place called ‘Tastings’. How fitting, huh?

I swear I’m going to gain about 5 pounds by the time I leave! Don’t get me wrong, my mom is a health nut, but everything is so damn good that she makes, I feast!!! My mom said she needed to fatten me up anyway, so heck, dig in huh? Muwhahahaha.

Do you like cooked fruit? My brother refuses to eat anything with cooked fruit- muffins, pies, you get the picture.

I love cooked fruit 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday!

2 responses to “This is the life

  1. Mmmm…blueberry and lime muffins. That sounds really good. It’s always so nice to be around family. By the looks of that bagel sammie, your mom is a great cook. Have fun at home! And, yes, I like cooked fruit, especially when some kind of butter crust is involved!

  2. Those muffins sound really good! I love fruit breads 🙂 Have fun at the wine tasting!

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