It’s Fall Ya’ll

Hey peeps. How cute is this sign I saw in a store window in downtown Grapevine, TX? I wanted to buy it SO BAD.

its fall yall

Shopping this afternoon was a success! I did a little damage, however with some great sales and a little help from madre, it wasn’t too bad. *Thanks mom, you are the greatest!* So what did I pick up?

From J.Crew:
-Two dresses
-A sherpa hoodie (my all time favorite thing in the world)
-A ruffled dress shirt

From Banana:
-A knit top
-Long cardigan
-Thin black belt to accent a dress purchase from J.Crew
-Pair of black wedges

I kind of feel like I went on a small ‘back to school’ shopping trip like we used to do, however, no school for this chic. More like corporate America, workin’ away in a cube. 😦

The boys were ‘worn out’ from shopping, although I think they secretly had a BLAST with us two girls, so we stopped by Chick-fil-A to help them gain back their strength. My mom and I weren’t starving at this point, and fried chicken sammies aren’t our favorite, so we split their Southwestern Chicken salad. Delish.

Mike’s phone camera gobbled up the picture of the salad because it looked so good 😉 hehe. But it didn’t eat the picture of a few fries I had. They were good, as all fries are, but nothing to write home about. They could have used some seasoning, but then again, we WERE at a fast food restaurant.


Next item on the agenda? WINE TASTING!!!

I gave ya’ll the wrong wine bar this morning. There are at least a handful in downtown Grapevine, it’s the cutest little downtown area ever! We ended up going to Farina’s.

store sign

It was an adorable wine bar! I especially loved all the different paintings on the wall. (Those pictures got eaten too, sorry!)

The four of us each did a wine flight. I started with AVA 07′ from Monterray, California, which is a Chardonnay.

white wine

I am not a wine expert AT ALL, but someday I would like to take classes. However, my review of this wine would be that it was very light and crisp, with a slight bite. I thought I could taste a hint of peach, but I could definitely be wrong. This wine was just meh.

Next, I moved on to my favorite of the three wines, Est! Est! Est!!! 07′ from Italy. I will definitely be in search of this wine upon my return to Minneapolis.

wine 2

This had a strong scent of berries. It didn’t have a bite to it which I enjoyed, and even had the smallest hint of a sparkle to it. Very refreshing!

Last but not least was a Becker Texas Iconoclast 07′.

red wine

This had a very vibrant smell, smooth taste, with a hint of strawberry. Delish!

The boys ordered a full glass of their favorite tasting, while my mom and I stuck to H20. I was going to get a full glass of the Est! Est! Est!!! However, I remembered that my mom brought back a few bottles from wineries she just visited in Southern CA, so I will hold off until later this evening. Enjoying Farina’s…


mom and me

We ventured home and jumped into the pool immediately! Plans for the rest of the evening include a dinner prepared by my the madre and myself, some good wine and maybe some board games. My mom and I are huge Scrabble fanatics!

What is your favorite board game?

We’ll see if I post again tonight. According to my brother and Mike, I was ‘lame’ last night, so I have some ground to make up for!


5 responses to “It’s Fall Ya’ll

  1. I love Scrabble! The shopping trip and wine tasting sound like a blast!!!

  2. Ahh I so hit up Banana Republic today too, they were having some good sales! Looks like the wine bar was fun, our last visit to wineries up in northern VA was awesome – I love tasting new wines! 🙂

  3. A-I LOVE JCREW and so Jeal that you got good sales!!!!
    B-I LOVE BANANA and i now want to go shopping because you found so many cute things!
    C-a wine tasting to top off that perf day is amazing!!!!!


  4. retail therapy is the best 🙂 I love Jcrew but it’s just sheer torture going in there because lord knows my broke butt can’t afford any of it! I suppose I will have to live my fashionista dreams vicariously through you 🙂

  5. That sign is soo cute!
    JCrew and BR are my absolute faves! I have the sherpa hoodie in the oatmeal color – so cozy!

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