American classic, made healthy

Evening! I hope everybody’s first day of September went smoothly. Time flies, where did the summer go??

This afternoon my hunger kicked in like a mad man. The hunger took me by surprise since my lunch contained a lot of fiber, protein, carbs and healthy fats. Usually salads fill me up pretty nicely too. Next time I should add some extra umph if I think about it. Maybe some black beans, avocado or grilled chicken.What is your go-to salad that fills you right up?

I was a bad blogger this afternoon guys 😦 I forgot to photograph my snacks. They were an apple as well as probably two servings of trail mix? It fixed the old hunger problem right away!

After work I had to run to Comcast to return some equipment from my old digs. I was dreading going to Comcast, because usually I have nothing but problems with any kind of utility or cable company. But I am happy to report, it was easy breezy tonight. When I got home, I had some cheese and crackers. (I get on kicks, you’ll probably see this as a pre-dinner snack for awhile!)


It was a long day at work today, so I was in the mood for some kind of comforting food. We had some cheddar turkey sausages in the fridge, so I decided to spin those into a healthy meal. I cooked the sausage on my griddler for about 7 minutes, diced it up, and placed it on top of a wrap with lettuce and tomato.


The wrap is made from whole grains and contains a whopping 32% of your daily fiber needs. Score and score! This wrap turned out to have protein, fiber and veggies (yay for vitamins!). It was also packed with flavor. The sausages were bursting with cheddar flavor, I would definitely buy these again (they were Johnsonville brand if anybody is interested).


To round out the meal, I had leftover parmesan risotto and a few Old Dutch potato chips. These are pretty stellar and worth the calories. They are crunchy and perfectly salted. I always dip my plain flavored potato chips in ketchup, I usually get really odd stares when I do this, but it is so.darn.good. Anybody else do this?


I have been lacking in the fruit department lately, so on the side I cut up some cantaloupe, a peach and red grapes for a fruit salad. This particular cantaloupe may have been the best I’ve had all summer. It was perfectly ripe and juicy.



And of course condiments to dip the wrap in…


I am on peanut butter withdrawl today, so it will be incorporated into dessert in some fashion ;).

Today Kath had a story about how she got started blogging. I found it very helpful as a new blogger that she explained her success as a blogger wasn’t overnight. Although that was obviously a given, I, as a new blogger, have great ambitions and want the world RIGHT AWAY! So it gave me a reality check and made me realize that, in time, I can get there. The power of positive thoughts! πŸ™‚

How did you get started blogging? What is your bloggie story?


8 responses to “American classic, made healthy

    • My decision was quite spontaneous as well. Thank you for sharing this link with me. I love your story, it brought a smile to my face πŸ™‚

  1. Hey! I find that extra extra fiber in the salad in the form of broccoli and apple really fills me up! mmm loupe! My favorite πŸ™‚ Glad you got in your fruit! I started blogging as a way to share recipes!

  2. I think you are doing great!!! I had wanted to start one for a while (a friend has one, but not food related at all) and I didn’t even really know what the food blogging world was all about until I started mine, same kind of way…One night after thinking about it for a few months I just decided to do it! I definitely feel the same way though – sometimes get frustrated because I don’t always feel very successful in it?!?!

  3. I started a blog couple years ago but forgot all about it! Then I wanted fitness and eating advice for weight loss, that’s how I came across Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point when it was still See Bride Run. Thought ”why are all these girls taking pics of food?!” Then i started it was a diet/fitness journal. Now I do it for love of food, learning new things and meeting mew people! Rest is history… love the fruit salad today! I love wraps too.

  4. I had read foodie blogs for a year or so (my lil’ sis actually found Kath & Caitlin’s blogs & sent me the links haha – got hooked from there!) so I thought, hey I love to cook & share recipes so why not start my own site?! Now that I have I love the fact of being able to meet new people with common interests and find out about new products and recipes, it rocks πŸ™‚

  5. I started out blogging as something to fill my time with while I was figuring things out with my life. Now, I am hooked πŸ™‚ Happy September!

  6. I’ll be honest I haven’t made myself a good ol’ fashion salad for lunch in awhile .. i always prefer slapping a few thangs between two slices o’ carby bread πŸ™‚ i got started blogging after being so inspired by the healthy lifestyles so many lovely and strong blogettes were living!

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