A smile is contagious

Happy humpday my loves.

Last night I ended up battling BlueHost for about 20 minutes, lets just say BlueHost won. Was not in the right mindset to come out on top! I am not good in the technology department, but I am hoping that within the next few weeks I will have my new domain up! Anybody else use BlueHost?

After the battle, I felt pretty beaten down and HAD to have a chocolate peanut butter and banana toast while watching Mad Men ;). Ahhh, living the life! I’m only three episodes in, but I am loving this series so far. Mike, mmm, not so much.

So on to today! The title of my post is the motto I am going to try to live by today, and everyday for that matter. I am feeling very thankful today for many things:

-My knee feeling better and getting in 5 miles this morning!!!
-My health
-My new pad
-My boyfriend
-My mama and broha (brother)
-My job
-My blog
-All of my lovely new bloggie friends and readers
-My fabulous co-worker who brought me a VitaMuffin to try this morning.
AHH, so excited. Review on tonights post!

You get the picture, the list could go on and on, but I won’t bore you. Hopefully you will think of the things that you are thankful and happy for, and those will put a SMILE on your face today :). Smile big for me guys!

Before the gym, I had a handful of dried fruit to gear me up for what was to come. My knee felt better, but I was still unsure of how it would feel once I started to run…

IT FELT GREAT! I feel back at it. However, I am not going to go full steam ahead back into running. I am going to take it easy the next few days and probably not run again until next week (Texas this weekend!).

For breakfast, I packed a cinnamon sugar bagel from Brueggers Bagels with two spoonfuls of peanut butter smeared on top.


And I am so glad I did since I ran this morning. I needed the carbs, protein and fat to refuel for the work day.


On the side, I packed some delicious juicy melon. This stuff is the bomb.


For lunch today, I packed a chicken and cheddar sammie on fresh bakery bread. I haven’t been a huge sandwich person at lunch, but I think I may be a potential converter. They are so easy and there are so many different combos I could dream up!


With some yoggi. I reallllly need to get some Fage back in my life, or even better, try Oikos…


Rounding out this all-star lunch, I will be finishing this bag of pretzels. I am not a huge plain pretzel fan, but throw in some ‘honey’, and you got yourself a delicious pretzel my friends!


As you can see, I am going to be severly lacking in the veggie department today. Hopefully I can make up for it tonight! However, Mike and I may venture to NE Minneapolis for a drink at a bar by the Mississippi, we shall see!

I am wanting to try new foods, brands, varieties, you name it… of food. Any recommendations of your favorite health foods? What is the most bizzare food you have ever eaten?


12 responses to “A smile is contagious

  1. seriously, web servers are the most frustrating things ever!

    thanks so much for the positive message today — i think it’s really important to take a break for the wear and tear of lifeeeeee and just recognize what we have to be thankful for πŸ™‚

  2. I am totes lovin the “Things that make you happy and smile list”

    Yay for your knee feeling better too!!! always a major plus! i’m hoping mine will jump back into action too!!!

    Good luck with Bluehost girl. i’m scared to embark on the challenge! meep!

    have an awesome day! πŸ™‚


  3. new to your blog *waves hello*

    I love reading lists of what people are thankful for/what makes them happy πŸ˜€ I have no idea what Bluehost is so can’t help you on that one!

    Hmm, health food? I am pretty hooked on Greek yogurt right now mixed with muesli. Wheat berries are a recent discovery (LOVE) and ‘Heart Thrives’ are amazing if you can find them (heart shaped- so cute, kind of oat bar things)

  4. I like eating flax seed, makes me feel all healthy inside & has super nutritional stats… add it to oats or cereal… now that’s good stuff! Nice job on the positivity list, I needed to make one like it in the airport the other day/night :/

  5. Have fun in NE! I wish I was going to the river but I have to clean out my fridge 😦 Can’t wait to hear where you go! also, there is a new restaurant called Ginger Hop (same owner as Chang Mai Thai) opening soon in NE – it is Asian fusion and I’m SO excited !

    • So we aren’t going to NE anymore 😦 But we ARE going to Psycho Suzi’s, which is just as great!

      No way on the Ginger Hop front… Mike is going to die! Do you know where in NE?

  6. love this positive post, it literally did put a smile on my face πŸ™‚ i think its so important to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for that we sometimes take for granted! have a wonderful day!

  7. I loved the list of things your thankful for. A lot of bloggers have been following suit today and it’s such a great mood booster.

    Sorry about the domain woes, all that stuff confuses me too! I used LunarPages, so I can’t help. Sorry 😦

    Have you tried a Green Monster yet? Oh and Peanut Butter Puffins are a must!

    • I noticed that everybody seems to be in great spirits around the blog land. I love it!

      I haven’t tried the green monster. I need to give that one a shot. But I definitely agree on the Peanut Butter Puffins. They are a total hit in my book.

  8. Have fun tonight!! I hope your next battle with bluehost turns out better πŸ™‚

  9. Hahah.. so as I’m reading back, I feel the need to comment on everything Minneapolis related. Namely.. BRUEGGERS! Yummm.

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