Happy Tuesday! And September… geez that is scary/sad/depressing to say. So, I’m moving on πŸ™‚

This morning, I completed my second yoga attempt, power yoga. Ummm, ok, wow. I never thought yoga would challenge me as much as this class did. I was always one of those yoga skeptics, thinking, ‘what could yoga possibly do for me?’. Not anymore my friends. This class kicked my @$$.

I was literally shaking going through the poses. Especially those dang chaturanga’s. I have a feeling my arms are going to be mucho sore tomorrow. But, at the same time, this class was very relaxing. It is a weird feeling when your body is being pushed so hard, but your mind is at complete ease.

Now, don’t get me wrong folks. Once my knee is feeling better, I cannot wait to tie up my running shoes and pound the pavement treadmill again. But, I also think I need to incorporate my new friend, yogadownload, at least once or twice per week.

On to eats… I was thinking about having a mish-mosh bowl of eats once I got to work of a blueberry z bar, banana yogurt, a cut up peach and some almond butter mixed in. Sounds fab, doesn’t it? I will create it soon, I promise. But when I opened the fridge, I had the cinnamon rolls staring directly at me, saying, eat me! So, I present my half of a cinnamon roll, yogurt, and peach the size of my head for my Tuesday breakie.

Do you prefer overly ripe peaches, or when they are a bit firm? I am a huge fan of the overly ripe peaches, hands down.

For lunch, I packed a salad when I was slicin’ and dicin’ the veggies for my pasta last night.

Delicious, huh? It has got:
-Grapes (which you can’t see)
-Yellow bell pepper
-Green beans

With my salad, I packed a cheese sandwich on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin. I had forgotten about this classic sammie I had growing up. I remember always asking my mom for a ‘cheese’ sandwich for my lunch box. Ohhh, what it would be like to be a kid again!


Snack will probably be a Cliff Bar warmed in the microwave (thanks for the idea Lauren)! Or, an Odwalla bar I got yesterday. I will keep you posted!

What band or artist is your favorite of all time? What is your favorite song of theirs?

I can’t decide one, I have too… Rascal Flatts, which I can’t even begin to pick one favorite song. The other, embarrassed to say, mine is Jessica Simpson. Don’t ask.. :). Favorite song of hers, In This Skin.




5 responses to “J.e.l.l.o

  1. yumm i love really firm peaches and that cinnamon roll looks AH-mazing! glad you’re liking yoga! have a great day πŸ™‚

  2. sooooo thrilled to hear you are diggin’ yoga! chaturangas are definitely a killer – but dang, dont you feel amazing afterwards?! I used to lift weights and do push ups religiously – but now I just do yoga and I’ll tell ya, I have never been stronger!

  3. So doesn’t feel like September! Well, I guess weather wise it kind of does…lets cross our fingers that this weather lasts until November!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Ahh I’m sorry you can’t go to Rascal’s concert. But I’ll take lots of pics for you!! πŸ™‚ I do love them, but I have to say I like Keith Urban more. I love You Look Good in my Shirt or Somebody Like You.

  5. I like soft and juicy peaches mmmm…..

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