Hurray for Yoga!


The lunch post is a little late, because this lazy bum has been loungin!

After breakfast, I headed straight to the grocery store, because I needed fresh produce like whoa. Here is my loot:

-Green bell pepper
-Sweet Potato
-Avocado (very ripe, need to incorporate this into dinner!)

-Lean pockets
-Lean Cuisine
-Cheddar Cheese
-Deli style sliced chicken
-Ice cream (with strawberry and blueberry swirls, num!)
-Forgot to photograph eggs and a loaf of bread from the bakery

I snacked on a bowl of trail mix with some dried fruit mixed in, which went unphotographed.

After a little pick me up from my snack, I did yoga for the first time!!! Being this was my first time, I did one of their free classes- Power Yoga for beginners. Verdit? I liked it! I think it will take a few classes to get into the grove, but I plan to stick with it, maybe once or twice a week? Do you do yoga?

For lunch, I wanted to incorporate some of the fresh produce, since I have been lacking in that category lately.

Blueberry yogurt with Bluberry Special K, Cracklin’ Oat Bran, strawberries and banana. Also, a piece of the fresh bakery bread with butta.

Ahhhh, tasted SO good. I have felt a little off and unhealthy the past few days, eating tons of processed, and little to no ‘fresh’ foods. While I do believe you can healthfully incorporate packaged foods into your diet (hello chips, brownies, Lean Cuisine, etc. 🙂 ), you always need to balance it out with the good stuff: fruit, veggies, yogurt, protein… you get the picture.

I’m off to read on our balcony for awhile. I need to find my book, it has been awhile!

One response to “Hurray for Yoga!

  1. ah YES i’m so happy you tried some yoga today! isn’t it amazing? stick with it girl – i promise, you’ll learn to love it!

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