Hey lovelies.

I am SO exhausted. Why Jenna, why? Work was super mellow today, no idea why I feel like I could go curl up on my comfy couch and sleep for 10 hours straight. That can’t happen though, but I think I would rather take the alternative anyway 🙂

Tonight, Mike and I are going on a ‘double date’ with some of our friends to 112 Eatery. I’ve heard great things, so I will give you guys a full recap, don’t you worry. I am going to try to be brave and take my camera out in public for the first time. Yikes!

I’m not sure of post dinner festivities, so I may or may not be back tonight. 😉 If I am back, I could be drogging, as Caitlin has come to coin the term, which I adore.

On to eats…

May I present to you, a four berry, white chocolate chip scone? Why yes, I may! It was to.die.for. These guys are 100% worth it and 110% necessary.


Look at those berries!!!

Nom nom nom.

Lunch was courtesy of Jimmy Johns. Veggie sammie with mozzarella cheese, a tiny bit of mayo and avocado smear. I also had about half this bag of Salt and Vinegar chips.



Afternoon snackie was my delicious PB Banana Bliss cake, which I am still so proud of myself for creating the recipe from scratch. I promise my thrill over my self created recipes will die down once I start coming up with more 😉

Dinner isn’t until 8:30, and this chica is starving, so I am off to find a snack.

What are you doing tonight?

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