Tisk tisk!

Morning lovelies! How are you all holding up today?

This morning I headed to the gym for 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, while catching up on my People magazines. Oh yes, I admit to being a celebrity fanatic… so much so that I should probably have Perez on my blog roll :). Before the gym, I couldn’t help myself… my pre-workout ‘snack’ was half of a brownie with a smear of the chocolate peanut butter I bought the other day. As if the chocolate frosting wasn’t enough. Eek!

Once I got to work, I had a piece of fresh lemon blueberry bread waiting for me on my desk from my co-worker. I was so excited and hungry, I gobbled it down without a photo šŸ˜¦ Sorry guys…

But I am still a bit hungry, so I am going to have a Nature Valley Apple Crisp granola bar to round out my breakfast. These go perfect crumbled up in yogurt, I wish I had brought some today!

We are having a lunch meeting catered today, so I won’t be able to take a photo, but I will let you know what we get!

In other exciting news, on Thursdays, there is an amazing Farmers Market that takes place all up and down Nicollete Mall in Downtown Minneapolis. I am hoping to either run out before or after my lunch meeting to grab some fresh fruit. We have NOTHING besides over-ripe bananas, I am dying!

However, I did have a dream last night about an experiment that I will be partaking in tonight. Hint, it includes baking… Mike is going to kill me since we have 3/4 a pan of brownies to eat. He he he.

Today, I leave you with this wonderful piece of advice, in which I admit I have done what this gentleman says NOT to do:

From the People Magazine I was reading this morning, Frank Bruni writes in his new memoir ‘Born Round’. Order what you like- “If you want the pork belly, get the pork belly- and push it away when you begin to feel full. But don’t get the halibut and go home, then eat a pack of Oreos”.

Have you ever done this? Order what you don’t like, go home unsatisfied, then eat even more? I have, but not anymore, I am taking Frank’s advice moving forward šŸ™‚

Well I’m off to FINALLY work since I’ve been socializing and wlaking to McDonalds to get a LARGE iced coffee. I am going to be wired today. Check back tonight for *hopefully* an updated ‘About Me’ page, and possibly a guest post from my other half, Mike!

5 responses to “Tisk tisk!

  1. I used to do that allll the time! until i realized that id rather eat a smaller portion of something that I love, than a huge portion of something that tastes like air and then grab a bowl of cereal to fill me up afterwards!

  2. Oh that is such a good quote!!! I think we have all done that at some point, so not worth it, just get the good stuff and eat in moderation is what I’m sayin’! Good work on the breakfast brownie too, it sounded delish and sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!! Have a great day šŸ™‚

  3. Hi! I just came across your blog and I too am a downtown Minneapolis girl!
    Can’t wait to read more!

    • foodieinthecity

      No way!!! I have been hoping to find fellow bloggies in Minneapolis! Yayyy šŸ™‚

      I hope you keep reading, and I can’t wait to read up on your blog.

      Somewhere down the road, we’ll need to plan a Minneapolos bloggie get together!

  4. Hey girl, so your comments were going to my spam folder for some reason?! So random! I finally found them though šŸ™‚ I responded on the last one, hope that comes through!!

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